10 Ways Elden Ring Looks Exactly like Dark Souls – What We Know!

With the discharge of Elden Ring simply across the nook, the hype for From Software program’s highly-anticipated motion RPG is reaching a fever pitch. Earing the award for Most Anticipated Recreation at The Recreation Awards in 2020 and 2021, the group’s eagerness to get their arms on the title can’t be understated.

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That mentioned, although it seems to be very comparable mechanically to a lot of From Software program’s previous outings, some followers have argued that Elden Ring will symbolize a wholly completely different expertise compared to the Darkish Souls video games. From Software program has experimented with their method in video games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne, however, whereas selection is the spice of life, their forthcoming effort seems to be to be remarkably just like the Darkish Souls trilogy in most facets.


Comparable Synopsis

A promotional image from the forthcoming RPG Elden Ring.

After Gwyn sacrificed himself to lengthen the lifetime of the primary flame within the Darkish Souls, he created a fable scary heroic undead to journey to Lordran to say the Lord Souls and do the identical. Nevertheless, as soon as the participant arrives in Lordran, they discover it a monster-infested damage.

From Software program is understood for utilizing comparable story parts of their video games, and Elden Ring appears to be no exception. In Elden Ring, the titular object has been shattered, and the fragments claimed by warped demigods. Now, a lowly tarnished should accumulate the items and assume a brand new function because the Elden Lord. It’s not a exact recreation of the story seen in Darkish Souls, nevertheless it ought to sound acquainted to From Software program veterans.

Souls-like Fight

PvP combat in Elden Ring.

When Demon’s Souls first debuted in 2009, gamers had very seldom earlier than seen melee fight mechanics as intricate as what was on provide in-game. With out comparability, the fight system turned a significant pillar within the rising Souls-like style, and one-on-one battles demanding persistence, good timing, and clever use of I-frames turned a tell-tale mark of titles bearing Darkish Souls inspiration.

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Whereas Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne modified issues up a bit, the fight mechanics of Elden Ring as soon as once more appear to emphasise issues like defend parrying, dodge-rolling, and stamina administration. In fact, not each recreation with these parts is to be thought of a Souls-like, however the distinctive mix of those mechanics seen within the Darkish Souls video games seems to have returned in Elden Ring.

Troublesome Boss Encounters

Margit the Fell Omen from the Elden Ring video game.

From toxic swamps to perilous peaks, From Software program’s Darkish Souls trilogy calls for the participant discover some fairly excessive areas. That mentioned, whereas areas like Blighttown and Anor Londo might make for some robust going, the bosses sometimes symbolize the peak of issue in Darkish Souls.

This seems to be to be the case in Elden Ring as nicely. Broad expanses of The Lands Between could also be simply explored on horseback, however the recreation’s many dungeons and managers look to be severe chokepoints for unskilled gamers. Margit the Fell Omen was a very robust boss encountered within the recreation’s community check, and far more durable enemies are prone to be lurking within the full recreation.

Deep, Obfuscated Lore

The Lands Between in the video game Elden Ring.

Most RPGs place their narratives on the forefront of the expertise, that includes huge excessive fantasy realms and a number of factions driving the occasions of the sport. That is true of the Darkish Souls collection, however, in lots of circumstances, the epic battles and momentous events have lengthy since handed, and the participant is left to select up the items and uncover for themselves what occurred.

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Elden Ring appears to be a bit extra simple with its lore, however followers can count on most of the particulars and secrets and techniques in The Lands Between to be extraordinarily nicely hidden and sometimes up for interpretation.

Construct Selection

Two of the starting classes confirmed to appear in Elden Ring.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice might have been one of many premier video games of 2019, nevertheless it was a significant departure from the normal Souls setup. Missing many staple sides of RPG video gaming, Sekiro mandated that avid gamers play by its guidelines, bringing parrying and knowledgeable response occasions to the forefront.

Not each From Software program title must be a by-the-book RPG, however Elden Ring undoubtedly seems to be to be replicating—even increasing upon—the construct selection out there within the Darkish Souls video games. Based mostly on the ten confirmed beginning courses alone, it seems to be as if no two gamers could have the very same gameplay expertise.

Darkish Fantasy Setting

A screenshot of Elden Ring's The Lands Between.

Although they’ve dabbled in tech-centric far futures earlier than within the Armored Core collection, From Software program are significantly well-known for crafting darkish realms of gothic-inspired excessive fantasy. Typically in comparison with Lord of the Rings or Recreation of Thrones, Boletaria, Lordran, and Lothric actually harken again to archetypal fantasy worlds.

Sekiro and Bloodborne might have deviated on this a bit, however Elden Ring completely appears to be taking a web page from the aesthetic introduced in Darkish Souls. The uninitiated may mistake The Lands Between to be an uncharted part of Center Earth, one thing that might even have been mentioned about a lot of From Software program’s earlier efforts.

Elective Areas

A promotional image of the player battling a dragon in Elden Ring.

Elective areas are nothing new in gaming, and nearly each title to launch since Journey on the Atari 2600 has included some kind of secret stash of hidden offshoot. From Software program, nonetheless, take this to the nth diploma and past, together with total biomes, boss encounters, and questlines in obscure areas most gamers won’t ever discover.

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Elden Ring will doubtless comply with this design philosophy as nicely. Extraordinarily troublesome optionally available bosses have already been confirmed for the sport, and it’s doubtless that The Lands Between will harbor quite a lot of well-hidden secrets and techniques a la Ash Lake from Darkish Souls or Archdragon Peak from Darkish Souls 3.

A Central Hub Space

A promotional image of Roundtable Hold from Elden Ring.

Clearly, the Souls video games had been removed from the primary to introduce a hub space to which the participant should steadily return all through their journey. Nevertheless, be it The Nexus, Firelink Shrine, or Majula, hub areas are essential areas that supply a reprieve from the grueling environs of the Souls video games.

Persevering with this custom, Elden Ring could have Roundtable Maintain, an space to which gamers can journey that’s seemingly past The Lands Between. Right here, the participant can degree up and improve weapons in addition to work together with and progress the questlines provided by NPCs.

Energy Stancing And Weapon Arts

A promotional image of Castle Mourne in Elden Ring.

Launched in Darkish Souls 2, energy stancing primarily allowed gamers to make the most of a brand new moveset whereas dual-wielding similarly-classed weapons. Sadly, this was eliminated in Darkish Souls 3, although that title did function a extra strong weapon artwork system, a mechanic first seen in Darkish Souls which permits gamers to unleash highly effective charged assaults, normally at the price of FP.

Each of those fan-favorite mechanics will return in Elden Ring, with weapon arts being of explicit be aware. Now referred to as Ashes of Struggle, these skills can typically be claimed after defeating bosses and are interchangeable between weapons, although restrictions will apply primarily based on weapon class.

Summons And Invasions

Hostile player invasions in Elden Ring.

Whereas total communities surrounding the mechanic exist, PvP within the Darkish Souls video games has at all times been a bit unusual. Granted the correct necessities have been fulfilled, gamers have the flexibility to summon pleasant gamers into their worlds to assist them in battle, although in addition they run the danger of being invaded by hostile gamers.

Few video games take this strategy to multiplayer, and Elden Ring appears to be taking a barely completely different strategy than what was beforehand seen within the Darkish Souls video games. Now, solo gamers can’t be invaded, that means that one-on-one PvP encounters might be pretty uncommon. Nonetheless, it’s a staple From Software program mechanic that might be reappearing in Elden Ring.

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