11 Best HEPA Vacuums for Allergies (2021)

11 Best HEPA Vacuums for Allergies (2021)

Pet dander and allergens are no match for the Kenmore 81414, a colorful canister vacuum complete with an efficient HEPA filter. Kenmore even steps it up a notch by using a triple HEPA filtration system with AllergenSeal technology, which effectively traps 99.97 percent of debris.

With a powerful filtration system at your disposal, you can rest assured that allergens will be captured and contained as you vacuum. A HEPA dust bag prevents even those fine dust particles from escaping into the air. 

Kenmore canister vacuums aren’t the flashiest or most innovative machines out there, but they’re renowned for their powerful suction and long-lasting performance. The 81414 features updated styling yet builds on familiar performance cues from its predecessors. For example, dependable motorized suction makes this bagged canister vacuum a solid choice for general cleaning around the house.

Whether you’re tackling a specific mess or picking up lingering dust and dander around the house, you’ll find an assortment of attachments to get the job done. This Kenmore canister vacuum comes with bare floor and crevice tools, along with a combination dust and upholstery brush to target debris in tricky places.

Picking up after pets and allergens can present a unique challenge, but this Kenmore HEPA vacuum has a healthy 12 amps of power and a dual-motor system for maximum performance. You’ll also find user-friendly controls on the handlebar for added convenience. 

No two homes are alike, but this canister vacuum is highly adjustable for optimal performance. For example, the telescopic wand extends over nine feet to access tricky spaces. You’ll also find four height adjustments for a more comfortable cleaning experience. A cord rewind feature makes vacuuming less stressful. 

While the vacuum’s total weight of 19.4 pounds sounds heavy compared to many lightweight stick vacuums out there, you can still maneuver the vacuum around as needed.

The Kenmore DU2012 AllergenSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum also has a HEPA filter. This vacuum is several pounds lighter and has a slightly longer hose that extends to 10 feet. This vacuum doesn’t have lights, but its 14-inch cleaning width picks up a large amount of debris in a single pass.