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Welcome to YouTube Millionaires, where we feature channels that have recently surpassed 1 million subscribers. There are channels breaking that threshold every week, and every YouTuber has a story about YouTube’s success. Read previous questions here.

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Canadian YouTuber and TikToker – IRL name Colton Macaulay – has always been interested in making art. This passion initially led him to pursue photography, but the more he posted on Instagram, the more he realized he was interested in sharing the behind-the-scenes stories of his perfect shot.

That’s how he got into YouTube in early 2020. When he first started making videos, Macaulay realized that videos of him playing pranks with friends and family seemed to have the biggest impact. This was especially true when YouTube launched its TikTok challenger, Shorts. Macaulay, who had been posting long content until then, wasn’t sure if releasing short films would pay off, but a creator friend assured him that over time he would “believe in the process” and publish regularly. d Win the audience.

It turns out his friend was right. Within about six months of the release of his first short films – a mix of prank content, adventure and exploration videos, and animal clips – Macaulay’s uploaded videos have garnered tens or even hundreds of millions of views each, and he ‘s channel has reached 1 million subscribers. (Yes, we’re a little late to introduce him; he’s grown from 1 million subscribers to over 3 million in the past year.)

Today, Macaulay posts short-form content almost daily on YouTube and TikTok, and he has 10 million followers. He has big plans for 2022, starting with a series of videos about an overnight trip to the Florida Everglades. Short pranks have always been his bread and butter, but this year he wanted to expand his business, returning to longer videos and focusing on his love of nature and wildlife.

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