Tina Katanic domagoj r video eksplicitnoj leaked on twitter and reddit

Tina Katanic, former winner of Lotto Girl and “Singer”, decides to break the silence! After retiring from the public in the wake of the 2015 scandal, she now has no doubts about the “hell” she was going through when the tapes of her having sex with two men were released.

“Frankly, I am the victim of a crime and a serious invasion of privacy. Even if I have the opportunity to say it to you and the media that transmit my words to you, I am sure that many people will read this and I must say many other girl Victims like me I want raise awareness, don’t shake hands and don’t denigrate things just for trust.

It is important to know who the victims are and who committed serious crimes. Fortunately, women today are protected by all possible conventions, criminal laws, and other laws. At the end of the day, the verdict was out and she said that she had committed a serious crime,” she said in an interview with Story.

The former Queen of Croatia added that she was going through a difficult time in her life, and the worst was her family.

“The worst thing that happened to me at that time was for my family, not even for me. I came out of all this with my head held high. The most important thing for me is that the final verdict has been rendered, and the person has been imprisoned.

Imprisonment means almost nothing to me as I have been irreparably damaged, but it sends me a message that crimes cannot and should not be committed and that other people’s lives can be destroyed with impunity. I would say it’s not a scandal, it’s a felony,” Tina said.

We remind you that soccer player Domagoj R. was legally sentenced to one year and 11 months in prison for illegally recording Tina Katanić while she was having sex with two friends in 2015 and then passing the recording on to a third person.

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