Celebrities Who Play in Online Casinos

It is easy to say gambling has a foothold on both celebrities, athletes and the common public. Almost everybody gambles in this present day. It is a good way to have fun and make real money. I know you’re wondering why celebrities gamble. Well, it is quite simple, they do it for immeasurable entertainment, and it also is a reliable means to boost their funds.

Many celebrities are fond of casino gambling and love to spend their time in Las Vegas. Some directors and producers even gain inspiration for movies and their art from this activity; it is worthwhile and enriching for them. Thus, celebrities play casino games almost more than the normal gambling population. With the advent of virtual casinos, most people stay in the comfort of their homes and enjoy gambling online.

Playing online gambling offers these celebrities’ privacy and instant accessibility and is gradually becoming more preferable among these famous people. The internet is a comprehensively vast place, meaning that there are numerous gambling activities, slot machines, and other cool casino games that these stars can enjoy.

A fun fact is that some of the best-rated gamers are Hollywood stars. Bruce Willis, for example, enjoys online casino gaming, specifically craps and Baccarat, playing high-stake games and winning big almost all the time. He is a celebrity that enjoys online gaming. Playing online casino games is an easy way to replenish and expand one’s wallet thus, we shall consider some of the most famous gamblers that have enjoyed the benefit of betting.

Ben Affleck

Who better to start this list than the famous and loved celebrity Ben Affleck, this first-class actor and director is experienced and exceptionally skilled at card games. He is a VIP player. He participates in the most prestigious poker tournaments, and one could say he is a professional poker player as he has been successful in a series of poker games.

Ben also enjoys blackjack, pocketing millions from it now and then; a fun fact is that He is so good that it got him banned from a hard rock hotel & casino in Las Vegas. Affleck played a role in the gambling movie Runner Runner in 2013 and disclosed that he plays online because of the privacy and thrill.

Michael Jordan

Jordan is one of the most famous athletes ever, the basketball star; Michael enjoys sports betting and other fantastic and cool online casino games. The owner of the Jordan brand is worth $2.1billion enjoys high stakes that have the best payouts. Many celebrities have contracts with casino activities and Michael is one of them, being a special advisor to Draftkings.
Jordan enjoys gambling, and due to the controversies that emerged during his career, he has decided to lay low and gamble online where it is private and safe, enjoying some big wins in the best payout online casinos.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela, the captivating Baywatch star, plays online casino games ; she even goes beyond owning her own Baywatch online casino game. In 2005 a Pamela Anderson Playboy line of slots was released, and it went live at the Palms Casino Resort. Pamela is phenomenal at card games and allegedly met her husband at a poker game.

Jennifer Tilly

The famous actress was one of the most phenomenal poker players in the world; she even won a bracelet in the world series of poker, with a wonderful performance, defeating more than 600 competitors in Texas Hold’em. In her career, she has earned millions, and now she is retired and flexes her skills on online casino websites. Among world celebrities that have had their highs and lows in gambling, she has managed to keep hers tight and controlled, and that’s something remarkable.

Matt Damon

The movie star enjoys gambling games like everyone else on this list, he is a professional at blackjack, and one can allegedly say that it all started with his Role in Rounders. This movie was centred on casinos. He is not too confident about his gambling and has participated in various tournaments; he is picky as he only chooses the best paying online casino to wager at to have the best payouts percentage, quite a smart choice for everyone to learn from.

Ray Romano

Ray loves casinos as he loves golf, his gameplay at poker is quite excellent, even though most consider him an amateur, he is quite versatile and can play almost any game available, he enjoys the online gambling platforms because of the variety available to select from, you can often find him sitting at online high roller tables on some of the most trusted online casinos, that ensure that privacy is prioritized through securing players’ email address and information.

The Wrap-up

Many celebs love online casinos, from sports celebs to actors and actresses. It is a private way to feed their passion and gain from it as most celebs try by all means to avoid paparazzi and prying eyes. These Online platforms provide them with a haven to indulge in betting without being harassed or made uncomfortable about their passions.

Judgement cannot be passed on their spending since they have disposable income undisclosed to the general public. Many other celebrities such as Golf professional Tiger woods, swimmer Michael Phelps, Brooke Burke, Tom Arnold, Jim Kelly. They are spectacular in the online betting scene, making huge sums of money while having good fun. The list of these celebrities can go on and on, but above you have been presented with the celebrities who enjoy online betting.

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