Sheriff: Man Who Killed Five People Was High And Hadn’t Slept For Four Days.

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A drug-using man who hadn’t slept in days shot dead five people at a house where people were gathering to get high in South Carolina, sheriffs said Tuesday. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said at a press conference that 24-year-old James Douglas Drayton was arrested Monday in Burke County, Georgia after he collapsed during a police pursuit. I drove from the house where the shooting took place in the town of Inman. Burke County lawmakers said Drayton pursued him after he attempted a robbery at gunpoint at his store and kidnapped an employee. It’s about 233 kilometers from Inman’s house to the gas station. Wright said Drayton confessed to the murder, told police he had overdosed on methamphetamine, hadn’t slept in four days, and turned over the gun he allegedly used to kill everyone in the house he was staying in. rice field.

“I don’t have an answer as to why. He’s said a few things in interviews, but it’s likely his attorney will have to handle some of them, so I’ll stand by.” that’s terrible. ” Drayton is being held at the Burke County Jail awaiting extradition. Authorities say he faces five counts of murder. The attorney was not listed on the record. Wright said the killing occurred Sunday in a home where people frequently used drugs. However, the sheriff said the fact that the victim used drugs did not mean he would treat the murder differently.

“I didn’t care if they were church members who had never done this or were addicted to heroin. You were still someone’s son, brother, friend.” Yes, it was the father,” Wright said. “They are all children of God. They didn’t deserve what they got.” The shooting appeared to have taken place on Sunday morning, but MPs were not called in for about 10 hours, officials said. Four victims have been identified. They are Thomas Ellis Anderson, 37 years old. Adam Daniel Morley, 32 years old. Mark Allen Hewitt, 59 years old. Roman Christian Megael Rocha, 19, according to the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office.

The family of the fifth victim has not yet been notified, according to the office. Wright said this is the largest number he remembers being killed in the Spartanburg County episode. In November 2003, four people were shot dead by a man at a Superbike bike shop, but he later pleaded guilty to seven.

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