YouTube Introducing Unique Channel Handles

YouTube introducing unique channel handles

YouTube just announced channel handles are coming to users and channel creators alike so they can connect to each other more easily. Those are similar to Instagram’s handles and are uniquely assigned to each profile. The rollout of the feature is going to be in stages, so it might take a while before everyone gets a chance to pick a handle of their own.

Previously YouTube introduced unique channel URLs but the handles will make it easier to tag someone in comments, videos and the handle will also appear on YouTube shorts. Another added benefit of having a handle is to be recognized by the community. Unlike channel names, the handles are unique.

Each creator will have the chance to pick a “@handle” of their own after receiving an email that the time has come. After November 14, those who haven’t picked a handle will be assigned an automatically generated one based on the channel’s name. It can still be changed after that, of course.

In addition to the handles. YouTube is now allowing all channels to pick an URL and removes the requirement of having at least 100 subscribers to assign a unique URL.


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