Learn How To Tie A Fishing Knot With Weight

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If you want to use a dropper weight rig or swap out weights quickly when bottom fishing, you’ll want to learn how to tie a fishing knot with weight onto your fishing line. The dropper loop fishing knot is one of the best fishing knots to use if you want to easily switch out sinkers of different weights for use at varying depths.

If you already know how to tie a fishing hook on the end of your line, it’ll be easy for you to learn how to rig a fishing knot with weight using a dropper loop knot.

How to Tie A Fishing Knot with Weight: Dropper Loop Knot


  1. Form a loop in your fishing line or leader at the desired location. Pass line from one side of loop through and around that side of loop. Make five wraps and keep new loop that has just been formed open.
  2. Push bottom of original loop up through new opening and hold the loop securely. Wet knot and pull both ends in opposite directions.
  3. Pull ends of line evenly until coils tighten and the loop stands out from line.
  4. Squeeze the loop between your fingers so that it’s narrow, feed it through the loop on the dropper weight, pull the weight through the loop, and then pull up to cinch the knot down tight.

That’s how to rig a fishing knot with weight!

Of course, there are other easy fishing knots you can learn if you want to attach weight to your fishing line, but the dropper loop knot is a good one to start with when you’re learning how to fish. You can read the step-by-step instructions for other fishing knots and watch instructional videos by checking the fishing knot section.

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