Pinellas Park High School Shooting Today – Numerous Florida Schools Have Received “hoax” Shooting Reports, According To Authorities In Tampa Bay

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Pinellas Park High School Shooting Today –  Authorities said that two high schools in Pinellas County were among more than a dozen in Florida where police looked into claims of active shooters on Tuesday but found them to be unfounded. According to news releases from the St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park police departments, officers responded to calls reporting active shooters at St. Petersburg Catholic High School and Pinellas Park High School shortly after noon on Tuesday. But neither agency discovered any indications of an active shooter.

Yolanda Fernandez, a spokeswoman for the St. Petersburg police, called the call a “hoax,” but said that false information on social media is confusing and alarming parents. Tyrone Square Mall is the best place for parents trying to pick up their children, according to St. Petersburg police.

No one was injured at either school, police said. Investigations are ongoing. A Facebook post from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said there have been at least 16 “hoax or swatting calls” made to schools in Florida Tuesday. . Calls were reported in counties across the state, including Pinellas, Sarasota, Collier, Orange, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward, according to social media posts from area law enforcement agencies and school districts.


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