The main handball betting tips: how to place a bet and not make a mistake

Such a sport as handball appeared relatively recently. However, he is gaining popularity not only in his homeland — Denmark and other European countries, but also in Canada. It is very interesting to make predictions in this sport, that is why Handball betting is available in more and more bookmakers. You can watch not only the competitions within the World Cup, but also other, less high-profile events.

There are a number of handball betting tips. They need to be guided by that the forecasts were as accurate as possible. This helps to make winning bets and not lose money on this gambling entertainment.

How to bet on handball: tips for beginners

Let’s start with the fact that betting in this discipline, like in others, requires a clear understanding of the rules of the game. Without this, you simply will not understand what is happening on the field. Accordingly, you will not be able to analyze previous games or place bets in Live. Here is how to bet on handball correctly:

  • take into account the regulations of tournaments, especially if you put teams in their place in the standings;
  • understand the background of outsiders and favorites: how they play, where they achieve the best results, and in what cases they lose;
  • study the history of previous meetings of the teams that meet in the match you are betting on;
  • understand and take into account the motivation of teams.

Also remember this thing: injuries of team members in handball significantly affect the result. This is a team sport, moreover, it is a contact sport. The physical form of each player is important here. This is especially true for those in key positions. Particularly the goalkeeper. Therefore, focus on these factors, and not just on handball betting odds, which can be very tempting.

Types of handball bets

The line of rates can be quite wide. For high-profile events, it is usually more than for small meetings. But still, the bettor will be able to choose some handball bet that is understandable to him. Standard options:

  • betting on the result: which team will win or draw;
  • handicap: bets on winning or losing with a certain gap in points;
  • for total: how many points the team will score, over/under, even/odd, and so on;
  • for individual total: applies to a specific player in the team;
  • on the difference in the number of goals scored;
  • on the total number of goals scored for the entire match.

In general, bet on handball is very diverse and interesting. And if you want to study them better, then you should place your first bet on the Parimatch website.


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