[RIP] Dr. Lori Wilson Death – Oncologist Surgeon Dr Lori Wilson Howard University Died

Dr. Lori Wilson Death - HUH Oncologist Surgeon Lori Wilson Died Of Breast Cancer, Obituary. Dr Lori Wilson Howard University passed away on Friday, 14th October

Dr. Lori Wilson Death – Oncologist Surgeon Dr Lori Wilson Howard University Died Of Breast Cancer, Obituary: Dr. Lori Wilson cause of death has been revealed. Dr. Wilson was the chief of surgical oncology and associate dean for faculty development and diversity at Howard University School of Medicine. Reportedly, Dr. Lori Wilson passed away Friday morning, 14th October 2022. Since Dr. Lori Wilson was pronounced dead her followers, known ones, colleagues, and family members are in mourning. But how did Dr. Lori Wilson die? Scroll down the page and read this information.

Dr. Lori Wilson Cause Of Death Explained

A dear friend of Oncologist Dr. Lori Wilson announced on Facebook that her colleague Dr. Lori Wilson died on October 14, 2022, due to breast cancer. Dr. Lori Wilson cause of death was metastatic breast cancer. It is very saddening to hear of the passing of the first woman surgical oncology division chief at HUH. She was a breast cancer survivor, she fought breast cancer for a long period. It is also said that her experience with breast cancer led her to become an outstanding oncologist and resource for Howard University’s women.

Along with being a renowned and respected cancer surgeon, she was also the first female to chair Surgical Oncology Division at HUH (Howard University Hospital). Moreover, she was also a two-time graduate of Georgetown University. There is no doubt in the fact that she was highly knowledgeable on a wide range of medical topics.

Dr. Lori Wilson Death

Dr. Lori Wilson was born in Germany on a military base and she grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia. After becoming the program director she participated in a number of community conversations, church basements, community health fairs, and senior centers to educate women about breast cancer. This is how she helped many women in accessing preventive care and precautions.

After Dr. Lori Wilson’s death, the President of Howard University named Wayne A.I. Fredrick stated, “I am devastated to report that my colleague and dear friend, Dr Lori Wilson, associate dean for faculty development and diversity, professor of surgery, and chief of surgical oncology at Howard University School of Medicine, has passed away this morning,”

“Dr Wilson was a remarkable person. She was an innovator and trailblazer. She was an advocate and a servant-leader. And, for many years, she was a breast cancer survivor.”

He kept on saying, “Not only was Dr Wilson one of the most talented cancer surgeons I have ever encountered, she was the first woman to hold the surgical oncology division chief position at Howard University Hospital (HUH) and the first woman to be promoted to full professor in surgery at Howard University College of Medicine.”

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