[RIP] Koray Alpergin Found Dead, Bizim FM Owner DJ Koray Passed Away

Koray Alpergin Found Dead in a wooded area in Loughton in north London, Bizim FM Owner DJ Koray shot dead & Passed Away at age 43. DJ Koray's girlfriend died

Koray Alpergin Found Dead, Bizim FM Owner DJ Koray Passed Away: Shocking waves are coming from London where the founder and owner of Bizim FM, Koray Alpergin passed away tragically. Koray Alpergin died tragically. According to one of Koray Alpergin’s friends, Koray Alpergin was found dead a going missing for one day. It is very devastating to hear of London’s most famous DJ’s death. What were the circumstances surrounding Koray Alpergin’s death? What is the cause of death of Koray Alpergin? Read the further sections for more details. Keep Visiting thecrunchynews.com

Bizim FM’s Koray Alpergin Found Dead

Koray Alpergin was 43 years of age when he passed away. Reportedly, Bizim FM’s owner Koray Alpergin returned to his hometown on Thursday. As per the source, Koray Alpergin’s girlfriend came to meet him from Turkey but they were forcibly taken into a van in front of their home. Koray Alpergin’s girlfriend was 23 years old.

Meanwhile, the police started searching the famous DJ and his girlfriend aggressively. Meanwhile, a friend of Koray Alpergin named Altan Akturk reported that his friend and his friend’s girlfriend were missing since Thursday evening. But now we have got an update regarding Koray Alpergin and his girlfriend. Keep Visiting thecrunchynews.com

Koray Alpergin Shot Dead

Altan Aktürk said, “Both are missing. Please share. While being told that those who have information please call the police. Dear London friends on my page; my friend and colleague, dear Koray, whom the London community is very well acquainted with, and his girlfriend, have sadly been missing since Thursday. Those who saw and heard are kindly requested to inform the authorities in the light of the information in the photo”

As per the latest reports DJ Koray Alpergin and his 23-year-old girlfriend were discovered dead in a wooded area in London Louhjton. What is the cause of death of Koray Alpergin? It is reported that Bizim FM’s owner Koray Alpergin was shot dead in the head. Koray Alpergin’s cause of death is a fatal gunshot in the head. Keep Visiting thecrunchynews.com

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