[Update] Alyssa Thomas Found Dead, Alyssa Thomas Missing Dallas TX

Alyssa Thomas Found Dead, Alyssa Thomas Missing Dallas TX

The search for Alyssa Thomas missing came to a tragic end. According to Texas Police, Alyssa Thomas was missing since 30th September. Now almost 20 days later her body remains were recovered in an abandoned car. It is very disturbing to describe that Alyssa Thomas was found dead after an aggressive search for more than 20 days. Read more about Alyssa Thomas Dallas TX in the next section. -Alyssa Thomas Found Dead, Alyssa Thomas Missing Dallas TX

Alyssa Thomas Missing Dallas TX

Recently, the Texas police department located Alyssa Thomas in a car but the location where the car was abandoned is not known at this moment. A search of the area was carried out by the police officers. Meanwhile, his body remains were discovered in a ca.

Furthermore, the Dallas Police officers identified the remains as Alyssa Thomas, a 32-year-old woman who was missing since 30th September 2022. Alyssa Thomas Dallas TX was 32 years of age.

Alyssa Thomas Found Dead Dallas TX

Reportedly, Dallas Police are investigating Alyssa Thomas’s death case, her cause of death is yet to be announced. Meanwhile, the exact medical cause of the death of Alyssa Thomas would only be known after her autopsy. The Dallas County Medical Examiner will provide Alyssa Thomas’s autopsy report and cause of death.

Police said a positive identification of the remains is still pending.

“The circumstances surrounding this death are still under investigation,” Dallas police said.

If you have any information on this investigation, please contact Dallas Police Department. Keep visiting thecrunchynews.com

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