[RIP] Tory Collins Passed Away, Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Dead

Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant, Tory Collins Passed Away: We are saddened to inform you that a sergeant of the LAPD has passed away. Troy Collins was the sergeant from Las Angeles Police Department. He died on Friday, 21st October 2022. Troy Collins’s beloved family members, colleagues, and friends are mourning his unexpected death. Troy Collins served in LAPD for a total number of 21 years during which he performed a variety of responsibilities. Who confirmed Troy Collins’s death news?

LAPD Sergeant Tory Collins Passed Away

As per the source, Police Sergeant Troy Collins’s death news was addressed and shared by his friend named Bonnie Wilkins. Bonnie posted on Facebook, “So incredibly sad, we lost a beautiful soul today… I will miss you dearly my friend. Troy Collins RIP. The exact cause of his death is unknown at this time.”

Tory Collins Cause of Death

Troy Collins’s friend also made it clear that his cause of death is still not known. In addition, Troy’s exact age is also yet to confirm. As of yet, Troy Collins’s family has not announced his obituary and funeral arrangements. However, we gathered some noteworthy information about Troy Collins. Let’s take a look at Troy Collins’s unforgettable moments he lived prior to joining Los Angeles Police Department.

As per Troy Collins’s LinkedIn account, he attended Fauquier High School from 1982 to 1985. After studying there for three years he enrolled himself at Howard University where he majored in accounts and gained his degree in 1990.

Reportedly, the late police sergeant Troy Collins also remained the President of the United States Sumo Federation for six years. Troy Collins was also the eight times National Championship winner. Thus, he also leads the training and coaching staff during two Olympic World Games.

Talking about Troy Collins’s tenure at LAPD, he started working at LAPD in May 1998 and he served there till September 2019, which counts a total number of 21 years and 5 months. Visit Thecrucnhynews.com for more

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