Bitcoin: At the Crossroads of the Future

As we see people across the globe boosting up their awareness regarding the digital currency revolution, many more investment experts are not lining up to share their views. In recent times, we see many pro-digital currency-based forecasters are now predicting too many numbers that can challenge gravity. It is common to see many experts talking about the same on various TV shows. They are seen explaining how Bitcoin is hitting you somewhere between 250K to 500K USD per con in the coming two years. At 500K USD, we see the con increasing at the pace of around 6K per cent from today’s value. The said numbers will be mind-blowing. However, if you look at the other side, we can find too many naysayers talking about the same. Many financial experts are not very friendly about the coins, as they call it a bubble. 

Others feel that there is still some chance to stay alive in it. To drive things home, you should check the IPO bubble happening way back in 2001. Then, you can further explore the site – Yuan Pay Group to know more about it. Here we will get an overview of the topic. 

The technical challenges 

The digital currency revolution is still in the nascent stage. Most of the coins are under the trade without any historical yardstick to support the investors. It is known as a free market seen in a completely pure form. Ironically, the free market business remains vulnerable to impact from different directions. Therein you can find the rub for digital currency based investors. Without any history, we can see things are now falling back over it, and the investors are now making decisions as per the gut feeling. These challenges make the process of decision making complex. The coin will always become vulnerable to many technical factors related to trading. 

The massive price rise is driven by high demand and scarcity in the product. Also, we can find too many investors who are not getting a bit antsy that can help in boosting up the price that remains too quick. Then we can see some usual corrections coming in the investment option. The issue is the correction that can lead to some harsh reality. It further acts as a litmus paper test for investors with no volatility issue. Some technical issues are seen driving the modern-day market. The digital currency market has its problems. Despite Blockchain technology playing its part, we see some issues. So, with all the security, there is a chance of hackers exploiting the vulnerabilities in the market. 

The fundamental challenge 

We have an old proverb that says if school teachers invest in anything and start making huge money, then remember, the system will soon crash. Governments often worry when they see people making vast amounts of money without paying taxes. You can find nations like India and South Korea that have been active on the issue of digital currencies. However, their respective governments also talked about banning the digital currency market. We have seen governments banning several exchanges for many more fraudulent activities. China has also done the same by banning digital currency mining, and the EU is on the verge of doing the same. If the digital coin is prospering in a big way, we see many more revolutions in the said direction. Also, there are concerns regarding the illegal use of Bitcoin. We see many terror groups are also using the same. These are indeed serious problems.

The Solution

A majority of people keen on dealing with different aspects of Bitcoin or digital coins know the potential of these coins. However, we see trust to be a big problem here. If you find the anonymity feature like a driving force, you can find many more digital currency-based revolutions. It will not play safe with the governments that further climb over the digital currency based trading thing. In recent months, we have seen many investors not finding solutions to their many questions. The price and value remain volatile; however, this issue will settle down soon with time. We can therefore say Bitcoin is seen again at its crossroads.


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