The Bear Market Has No Impact on These Three Cryptos

It is enough to make people wish that they had never heard of digital currencies in the first place! For one thing, the global crypto marketplaces have failed to approach a sensible market cap, since July 2021. At that time, the cap stood at $1.25 trillion. Naturally, everyone hoped that the scenario would only become better and better. However, 2022 has begun as a year of losses, wherein the crypto industry has lost over $500 million. Thereafter, it has been having a bearish run!

What should investors do now? Should they just give up on their holdings and pack up? After all, the prices of coins/tokens are not too lively or encouraging! Fortunately, for them, they need not go in for any kind of drastic measures! Even in this bearish market, there are at least, three digital currencies that are fighting the tide wonderfully well! In fact, they are growing super-fast, as if nothing can affect them! Therefore, investors may keep a keen eye on them. Read more about interesting crypto news at


It is the native token founded by the Binance ecosystem. The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is the largest in the world. The daily trading volumes of BNB, are what grant power to this exchange. 

Famous coins, such as Ether, Solana, Bitcoin, XRP, Cardano, etc., are not able to maintain a steady pace of growth. In fact, they are all in the red! In such a scenario, it is indeed surprising that BNB has increased its price by 10%. During the crypto crash, the coin was demonstrating a price of $227. Today, it is $331. It is approaching $364, and indicating that BNB is well on the way to recouping its losses.


As the name suggests, this coin is happy to display constant growth. Currently, it is enjoying a 40% price hike! From a value of $0.000000255, the coin touched $0.000000358, across the DigiFinex cryptocurrency exchange. 

However, CoinMarketCap, which is the actual displayer of prices, suggests that EverGrow often throws up volatile pricing. It is because it tends to move between DEX and CEX prices. To illustrate, according to CoinMarketCap’s recent estimation, EverGrow’s coin price is $0.0000002711. On DigiFinex, this price is $0.0000003445. After all, this is the place where the majority of EverGrow’s trading takes place. 

The coin is a reputed hyper-deflationary token. It exhibits BUSD reflections on Binance’s BNB Chain. Ever since its launch in September 2021, the project has yielded $37 million in BUSD reflections. They have been derived from the transaction tax of 8%. 

The final triumph card in EverGrow’s kitty is an advanced suite of applications. They are part of its ecosystem, LunaSky NFT marketplace. Once the applications arrive, there should be welcome changes in the pricing arena of this coin.


The collapse of two excessively popular coins/tokens – UST and Terra LUNA – was truly dramatic! However, it proved fruitful for TRON (TRX)! This coin was able to enter the list of the exalted 20 cryptocurrencies!

With its flipping of Dai and Shiba Inu in May 2022, TRON has gained the label of being the 14th biggest digital currency in terms of market cap. The cap is $7.65 billion. TRON’s next target is Avalanche. The difference between them in market cap is just about $100 million. 

Its growth is so fast, that TRX is showing an upward pace of anywhere between 1% and 12%, within the span of just a few days. Its aim is to go beyond BNB, despite BNB’s market cap going beyond $54 billion.

When it was launched in 2017, TRON had a major aim. It wanted to award ownership rights to the developers. The developers would possess everything that they created. 

In other words, TRON was urging users to interact directly with innovative creators of content, without bringing any intermediaries in between. Today, the platform boasts of a decentralized blockchain. The network operates with the aid of smart contracts and Dapps, like an Ethereum blockchain. Thus, users may experiment with music websites, decentralized games, app stores, streaming services, etc. BitTorrent, the file-sharing service, proves of tremendous use, here.

The above-mentioned three coins continue to give hope to crypto enthusiasts. It is also possible that in the ensuing months, other coins/tokens may recover and get back on their feet.


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