[Update]Cassandra Knight-Emery Missing, Everything To Know About Her

Cassandra Knight-Emery Missing

Cassandra Knight-Emery Missing: This note informs you that a woman from Toronto has been missing for the past week. The woman we are talking about in this article is named Cassandra Knight-Emery. We heard about her disappearance on social media and many people are urging others to share the post. According to the missing complaint filed to The Toronto Police Department, she is 29 years of age. A number of questions must be prevailing in your mind regarding Cassandra Knight-Emery such as when she was last seen and what is her clothing description. Read the following sections for more information.

Cassandra Knight-Emery Missing

Toronto Police Service reported that Cassandra Knight-Emery vanished on Tuesday, 8th November 2022. Moreover, she was last seen in the Coxwell Avenue and Gerrard Street East region. Now, more than a week has passed but her status is still missing.

Recently, Toronto Police took to its Twitter handle to share the updated status of Cassandra Knight-Emery missing case. The 29-year-old Toronto woman is still going missing. Her whereabouts are unknown to the police. However, they are taking every possible step to locate her. Meanwhile, her family members have been worried about her welfare and safety. Read her physical description in the next section.

Cassandra Knight-Emery’s Personal Information

In a post uploaded on Twitter, Toronto Police described that she is 5 feet 2 inches tall. She has long red hair (faded cut from one side) and blue eyes. Her other personal information such as her height, address, and parents is not known.

Name Cassandra Knight-Emery
Age 29
Residence Toronto, Canada
Missing Since Tuesday, 8th November 2022
Last Seen Coxwell Avenue and Gerrard Street East
Height 5 Feet 2 Inches
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Parents Not Known
Helpline Number 416-808-5500

A search operation for the missing woman is still active. It is not known whether police are considering this case as a kidnapping case or a missing case. Toronto Police requested the people to contact them at 416-808-5500 in case anyone is with information regarding Cassandra Knight-Emery’s whereabouts. Crime Stoppers is also just a call away at 416-222-TIPS (8477)

Thecrunchynews urges you to help in finding Cassandra Knight-Emery by sharing this story or post as much as you can. It can happen to anyone.

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