[Update] Wilkes Central High School Shooting: Active Shooter Threat, Police Report

Wilkes Central High School Shooting: Active Shooter Threat, Police Report: On Wednesday morning all the emergency personnel was at Wilkes Central High School due to a threat of an active shooter. Reportedly, the Wilkes County Police Department received a phone call regarding the active shooter at the premise of the school. Thus police were concerned about students’ safety. As a result of the emergency situation, the school was put on lockdown.

Wilkes Central High School Shooting

Reportedly, all the safety precautions and steps to ensure everyone’s safety were taken. law enforcement agencies were so quick to respond to the threat calls. Police in large numbers were sent to the school campus. Officers carried out an investigation at the school and found that there was no active shooter at the school.

No threat of active shooter at Wilkes Central High School was found. Wilkes Sheriff cleared the law enforcement units called in from off-duty. However, numerous schools in the state are still on lockdown due to the concern for students’ safety. The situation will be normalized after ensuring their safety.

Wilkes Sheriff just cleared units they’d called in from off-duty. Other surrounding agencies notified it was a hoax. Multiple schools across the state currently on lockdown bc of similar swatting calls today.

Wilkes Central High School is situated in North Carolina’s Wilkesboro at Moravian Falls Road. Further updates and details will be updated soon. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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