Ichirou Mizuki Cause Of Death, King Of Anime Songs, Ichirou Mizuki Passed Away At 74

Ichirou Mizuki Cause of death

It is from the deepest of the heart, the powerful singer who sang hundreds of songs, Ichirou Mizuki passed away. It has been almost a week since Japanese singer Ichirou Mizuki died. Reportedly, he died on 6th December 2022 but his death news broke out on Monday, 12th December 2022. What happened to Ichirou Mizuki or what is Ichirou Mizuki cause of death? Since the king of anime songs has been pronounced dead, his fans are keen to learn how did Ichirou Mizuki die. Kindly read it till the last and get the information.

What Happened To Ichirou Mizuki?

Prior to discussing any further aspect, it is imperative to know who announced or confirmed Mizuki’s death news. As per the source, this news was confirmed and addressed by Ichirou Mizuki’s agency/band through a social media post that reads,

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all the greetings and sincere condolences from everyone here. The funeral of the night vigil was carried out by relatives only with the intention of the family. Please consider the bereaved’s heart and please refrain from giving advice, aromas, and offering flowers. Nao, for the farewell party, etc., we plan to discuss it with the family members at a later date.”

What Is Ichirou Mizuki Cause Of Death?

What is Ichirou Mizuki Cause of death? Many people are scrounging web articles to learn the reason for his unexpected death. He was 74 at the time of his death. His agency told singer Ichirou Mizuki breathed his last at 6:50 pm on 6th Dec as he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes, you read it right, Ichirou Mizuki’s cause of death was lung cancer.

Reportedly, Ichirou was diagnosed with cancer last year in the month of April. Thus, he underwent radiation treatment and other therapies. Nevertheless, he did not stop performing on the stage. Most recently, Ichirou Mizuki performed at a live concert held in Tokyo at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall on 27th November 2022.

In his career, he sang over 1200 songs including theme BGM for the superhero TV series Kamen Rider and anime “Mazinger Z”. Needless to say, Ichirou Mizuki’s impactful and distinct style earned him global recognition. He enjoyed a 50-year-long career. In 1968, Ichirou Mizuki marked his debut as a normal vocalist but in 1971 he surged to fame as an anime singer. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. His real name was Toshio Hayakawa. Fans and people often referred to him as “king of anime songs”

Tributes To Ichirou Mizuki

After his death, James Montagna posted on Twitter, “So sad to hear Ichirou MIzuki is gone. His songs remain some of my favorites to belt out in karaoke… Going to blast “I Am Impact!” from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon in his honor”

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Manga Mogura RE wrote, “Ichirou Mizuki noted singer of Tokusatsu & anime theme songs has passed away. He was the creator of the band Jam Project & noted for singing songs for the Mazinger Z franchise among others. He was 74.” Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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