[RIP] Sven Greiner aka DJ Shog Passed Away, How Did DJ Shog Die? Cause Of Death Explained

Sven Greiner aka DJ Shog Passed Away, How Did DJ Shog Die

Sven Greiner aka DJ Shog Passed Away, How Did DJ Shog Die? Cause Of Death Explained: It is very shocking to hear that Sven Greiner who was widely known by his stage name Sven Greiner passed away. Yes, it has been confirmed. Many people on social media claimed that DJ Shog’s death news is a hoax but we came up with the official statement given by renowned music producer Pierre Pienaar. But the question of interest is how acclaimed German trace DJ and producer Sven Greiner died. He was a noted music personality from Germany thus fans in large numbers are pouring tribute to him on social media.

What Happened To DJ Shog?

As per the reports, German music producer and trance DJ, Sven Greiner died on Friday, 16th December 2022. He was 46 years of age when breathed his last. As mentioned, his friend and producer Pierre Pienaar revealed this saddening news on Facebook. He wrote,

“Saddened to hear about the passing of DJ Shog official. Sven was a massive influence for me growing up and it was an honor for him to support to my music over the years and include it on his Dream Dance complication CDs. My condolences go out to his friend and family”

DJ Shog Passed Away At 46

As Sven Greiner died unexpectedly at a premature age his fans have been curious to learn details regarding his cause of death. But his family has not released any statement to address Sven Greiner’s cause of death. Thus, it is still unknown how did Sven Greiner die or what was Sven Greiner cause of death. But Thecrunchynews is working on it.

Sven Greiner surged to fame by his stage name DJ Shog. In the early days of his career, he used to work as a traditional DJ at private parties and events. He also participated in various DJ competitions which eventually earned him a residency contract in northern Germany. Meanwhile, Sven Greiner marked his music debut with his self-titled double-CD series “Technics DJ Set”.

Nevertheless, Sven Greiner dropped his first single track titled “This Is My Sound” which also peaked at 54 on German Singles Chart and 40 on UK Singles Chart. Further in 2005, he founded 7th Sense Records along with Torsten Stenzel, and the next year he dropped his first-ever solo album titled My Sound.

DJ Shog Obituary

DJ Shog’s “10 Year” album was released in 2013. This album features most of his renowned remixes.

Our heartfelt condolences and deepest thoughts are with Sven Greiner aka DJ Shog’s family members who are mourning his unexpected death. And DJ Shog’s funeral arrangements have not been announced.

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