[Watch] Apollonia llewellyn Leaked OnlyF Video Tape Viral On Reddit

Apollonia llewellyn Leaked

Apollonia llewellyn Leaked OnlyF Video Tape Viral On Reddit: Famous model and Page 3 girl, Apollonia Llewellyn is worried about her career and reputation since a p*rn video was posted on her Facebook Page. Recently, the Page 3 girl faced a strange incident when her Facebook account was hacked by a person or a group of people who shared a p*rn video on her Facebook account. Being a famous model she has an enormous fan army over there. Millions of people watched the video on the internet. Thus, Apollonia Llewellyn has been concerned over her reputation that is being deteriorated.

Apollonia llewellyn Leaked OnlyF

Over the years, Apollonia Llewellyn worked hard and waited so long to achieve this milestone. Suddenly she started feeling that her social media career suddenly has fatigue. She has more than 5.3 million followers on Facebook where her account was hacked and posted an illicit video by someone. It was a big blow for her. The British model is now more worried about her career.

Apollonia Llewellyn, 23, said, “It was basically like losing my job and all my partners started there. I’ve owned this site for maybe ten years and am working hard to get these followers.”

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Apollonia llewellyn Facebook Hacked

She further added, “I probably had that page for a good 10 years working hard to get those followers and sharing it every day,” Apollonia Llewellyn who is also known as Barbi has traveled to a total of 13 different countries just to create content for her followers on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. But the hackers hacked my page and they were posting illicit content, meanwhile, fans thought it was me.

This incident happened on Wednesday and Thursday. Apollonia Llewellyn was not able to access her account on Wednesday and Thursday. The blonde model also said, “It happened yesterday evening and I’ve not slept much because I am worried something else will happen. They are on my Facebook, will they now get into my Instagram next? I’ve just been thinking about trying to get it back but it’s not been easy”

Apollonia thinks that the person who hacked her Facebook account contacted her on Instagram about paid promotions but she does not know how he hacked her profile as she has not shared her details. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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