[RIP] Bliss Harris Of Eclectic Alabama Died At Age 7, Cause Of Death and Obituary Explained

Bliss Harris Of Eclectic Alabama Died At Age 7

Bliss Harris Of Eclectic Alabama Died At Age 7, Cause Of Death and Obituary Explained: It is heartbreaking to know that 7-year-old Bliss Harris of Eclectic Alabama passed away. We heard about her demise on social media. A post on Facebook claimed that Bliss Harris died on 24th December 2022. However, the post was shared on 25th Dec 2022 by Beverly N Tom Buce. With the passing of the aforementioned little girl, her family has been devastated and torn apart. People close to her family are pouring tributes to her and also sharing their condolences to her family. Read Bliss Harris’s cause of death in the next section.

Bliss Harris Of Eclectic Alabama Died, What Is Bliss Harris Cause Of Death?

Since Bliss Harris’s death news surfaced, people who knew her and her family members are questioning what happened to her or how did she die. According to the reports, the 7-year-old girl was diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). The little girl battled two months. But sadly, Bliss Harris lost battle to RSV and passed away on 24th Dec 2022.

What Happened To Bliss Harris?

While receiving treatment, her family maintained a firm hope and prayed for her recovery. A new pair of lungs was also transplanted to Bliss Harris but the organ transplantation also could not save her life. Respiratory Syncytial Virus causes respiratory issues. It shows mild cold-like symptoms. Normally, patient can recover from RSV within a week or two but it can also be severe in some cases. This virus is also known as Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Human Orthopneumovirus.

Who Was Bliss Harris Eclectic Alabama?

The deceased was known as Bliss Harris, a resident of Eclectic Alabama. Her age was 7 years at the time of her death. She was the daughter of Labe Peters Harris and Eric Harris. Labe Peters, a former student of The University of Alabama studied Chemistry and FInance at the university. Bliss is also survived by her sister, Brantley.

Bliss Harris Obituary

As mentioned, Beverly N Tom Buce revealed her death on Facebook. The post reads, “Bliss has gone to be an Angel with the Lord. We thank our friends and family, many that never knew this sweet 7 year old girl, but prayed for her the last 2 months. We wish and pray for peace and comfort for her parents and her sister.”

Her obituary and funeral plans have not been announced yet. Her family will take time to process this fact. May the departed soul rest in peace. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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