[RIP] Walycris Wanyengo Died In Accident, Cause of Death Explained

walycris wanyengo died

Walycris Wanyengo Died In Accident, Cause of Death Explained: It is shocking to hear about Achalume’s star Walycris Wanyengo’s death. He has passed away. As he died unexpectedly and untimely at the age of 25, questions must prevail in people’s minds. How did Walycris Wanyengo die or what is Walycris Wanyengo cause of death?

Walycris Wanyengo Died Tragically

Yes, the Achalume star passed away tragically. He was involved in an accident. Since his accident news surfaced, his followers are pouring tributes to him and showing their sorrow on social media. But do you know who addressed this news first? Reportedly, his friend Phyzix shared and confirmed Walycris Wanyengo’s tragic death via a Facebook post. He posted on Facebook, “This life is weird, man”

“Rest in Peace WalyCris. This life is weird, man. Dzulo lomweli timayankhulana poweluka. Lero tupanga RIP, zovuta kwambiri. It was your time man and you were on the right path in our eyes but God’s plan was different. Sending prayers to your family and loved ones during this very difficult time”

Walycris Wanyengo Cause Of Death Explained

As mentioned, he was involved in an accident. According to the reports, the well-known musician from South Africa died in an accident that happened in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, he was returning to South Africa when he tragically suffered an accident. Sources tipped us that the musician went to Zimbabwe for a concert. He was in a Matours bus at the time of his accident. It was a multi-vehicle accident. A bus and truck piled up and resulted in the death of Walycris Wanyengo. Thus, we conclude that his cause of death was the injuries he incurred in the accident.

A friend of the musician posted following Wanyengo’s accident, “Zimangoona Kuchitika guys, As artist we need to be traveling by Air. Young and talented men and women are going just like that in a blink of an eye.

It’s a very sad day, I heard the issue of the passing earlier today like 5am and I posted about it but then I was in denial about WalyCris Wanyengo and deleted the post. It was like he knew”

Who Was Walycris Wanyengo?

He was a Malawian singer, songwriter, scriptwriter, actor, and record producer. Moreover, WalyCris’s real and expanded name was Wyson Laifoh. He founded the Wanyengo Movement Record Label and worked there as its CEO. Speaking about his bio, he was born in Machinjiri, Blantyre at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital on 25th September 1997.

Furthermore, he studied at St. Kizito Primary School located in Limbe and later attended Ngumbe Secondary School located in Chileka, Blantyre. The musician was a motor vehicle engineer for which he gained his degree from Soche Technical College.

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But he started making music in 2015 and after two years of hard work he found notoriety in 2017. WalyCris believed that the desire to pursue a career in music was spurred on by his love of music.

Tributes To Walycris Wanyengo

Following his death, his fans and followers are showing how they are feeling after his death. They are in agony. Abdul wrote on Twitter, “So sad he planned kumenya amapiano with u phyzo for not knowing ku mawa kugwa chani,May Allah wata’allah grant him jannatul fiduas.”

Phil Dester Phiri posted, “May his soul rest in peace, I might have not known him but well death is so painful.” Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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