Liza Kistauri Dead Or Alive, Why News Is Trending On Internet?

Liza Kistauri Dead Or Alive

Famous TikTok content creator Liza Kistauri is rumored to have passed away. Is Liza Kistauri Dead? This news broke just a while ago. We heard about Liza Kistauri’s demise on social media where a number of people have paid tributes to the TikTok star. Liza Kistauri Instagram star has been pronounced dead by several social media posts which we also have attacked below in this article. You can also check them out. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Is Liza Kistauri Dead?

Liza Kistauri who is a Georgian transgender is said to have been killed in Belgium. However, no official statement has come out. In addition, no one from Liza Kistauri’s family has come fore to address the same. Thus, we can not account for this. In fact, we assume that the ongoing news about the TikTok star is fake. She must be alive.

Nevertheless, a person on Facebook, Emma Dzidziguri claimed, “Liza Kistauri’s death has not been confirmed by her family!!!! I have contact as a friend of hers in ICU with her family and this is a lie!!!! Please don’t make articles and stories based on assumptions! It’s a shame to mourn a living person!!!!!”

But we don’t know how the death rumors of Liza Kistauri got sparked on social media. As per the rumors, Liza Kistauri has been killed in Belgium. But this fact is yet to be verified and confirmed. We hope, this news would be proven false.

Liza Kistauri Facebook | Liza Kistauri Instagram

As Liza Kistauri is a well-known personality on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, her death rumors easily went viral and spread like a wildfire.

She runs a Youtube channel under the username @lizakistauri3824. She has more than 18.3K subscribers on Youtube which she joined on April 22, 2019. Speaking about her Insta handle has been followed by more than 15K followers and it is created under the username @lizakistauri_

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