[RIP] How Did Robbie Knievel Die? Cause Of Death Explained

How Did Robbie Knievel Die? Cause Of Death

According to the latest reports, Robbie Knievel, a stuntman and son of legendary stuntman Evel Knievel, passed away today. TMZ reported, Robbie Knievel passed away on Friday, 13th January 2023. He was 60 years of age when he breathed his last today. As he was the son of internationally acclaimed daredevil Eveil Knievel, he was also acknowledged across the world. Meanwhile, Robbie Knievel was also a daredevil in his own right. But the question of interest of his followers is “what was Robbie Knievel cause of death or how did Robbie Knievel die?”

What Was Robbie Knievel Cause Of Death?

Speaking about the illness which caused him to die at the age of 60, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Yes, Robbie Knievel cause of death was Cancer. A person close to the Knievel family said that Robbie was in the intensive care unit and receiving intensive medical treatment. He is survived by his daughters who were also by his side on Friday morning when he breathed his last.

Many people also referred him to as Kaptain Robbie Knievel. He went on to walk in the footprints of his father who was a legendary stuntman. Reportedly, Robbie Knievel was just 8 years of age when he performed at Madison Square Garden at Evel’s show. Moreover, at the age of 4, he started jumping his bike.

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How Did Robbie Knievel Die?

During his active years, Robbie performed more than 350 jumps and set world records for 20 of them. In fact, Robbie Knievel’s most notable jump came in 1989 at the fountains at Caesars Palace in which his father failed during an attempt.

He performed his last stunt in 2011. His last stunt was a 150 feet jump over the tractor-trailer trucks in Coachella, CA at the Spotlight 29 Casino. Nevertheless, he also appeared in a television show titled “Knievel’s Wild Ride”. In this show, he used to share behind-the-scenes of his stunts and discuss how he gear up for his deadly stunts.

Our deepest condolences and heartfelt tributes are with his daughters and other family members during this time. May the departed soul of Robbie Knievel rest in peace. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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