[WATCH] Full Petawawa KIA Fight Video 2021, Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Petawawa KIA Fight Video 2021

Petawawa KIA Fight Video has become the topic of the town. It is not the first time that Petawawa KIA Fight Video is making noise on Twitter and Facebook. As it is an old video of a brawl that happened between a KIA manager and a customer in 2021. In addition, the viral video of the KIA manager has sparked a discussion about the prevalence of toxic hospitality with customers in the company. Once again, the video started making rounds on Twitter and Reddit.

Petawawa KIA Fight Video Viral

The viral fight video shows a KIA manager involved in a physical altercation with a customer. The KIA manager pushes the man with a door. He also shouts at the customer. To tackle him, the customer used his legs and starts beating him. Before starting fighting, the KIA manager uses inappropriate words for the customer’s wife which burst him and led to beating the KIA manager.

It seems that the woman behind the camera is the customer’s wife who turns off the camera when her husband tackles the KIA manager.

Watch Petawawa KIA Tackle Video

The original video is only 6 seconds duration. A person close to the matter wrote on Reddit that the customer and his wife were there to get their deposited money back.

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Petawawa KIA Fight Full Video

However, the company was very quick to respond to the matter. KIA laid off its manager who was involved in the fracas with the customer. The company confirmed this news through Petawawa KIA Super Store Facebook Page. The post reads, “Dear Petawawa Family & Friends, on behalf of Petawawa Kia, we extend our sincerest apologies for the serious inexcusable misbehavior of our former Floor Manager”.

“We strive on providing excellent customer service and expect nothing but the highest form of ethical conduct and customer service of all our employees”.

“We, hope that the behavior, we witnessed today, isn’t overshadowed by the majority of positive daily customer interactions and experiences at Petawawa Kia, and we hope to continue to earn your business and trust”.

“We can assure you that the former employee, has been terminated and is no longer working for Petawawa Kia”.

“We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing working with our customers and businesses in our local communities. Your Family at Petawawa Kia”.

The KIA manager is identified as Brian Doyle of Paulette Auto Sales. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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