Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele Obituary Leicester HS Player Died

Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele Obituary Leicester HS Player Died

Recently, a senseless act of violence took place in which a former Leicester High School player was killed. The deceased was known as Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele. He was a former Leicester High School football, basketball, soccer, and tennis player. Reportedly, Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele died tragically. The officers recently announced his identity and made it clear that the person who died in tragic violence on Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023, was a former Leicester High School player. As per the reports, Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele obituary is still pending. However, we have some imperative details about him. Scroll down the page and read it.

The authorities confirmed his identity on Tuesday, 31st January 2023. He was a resident of Detroit, Michigan. Reportedly, he settled in Detroit a few days ago. He was living there with his partner named Erin Johnson. They came to Detroit to serve those in need.

Since his death news surfaced on the internet, people are searching for his cause of death. As per the reports, Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele died in a fatal act of violence. However, the circumstances surrounding his death are not clear. An investigation might have on.

Who Was Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele?

Speaking about his past life, he was a native of Worcester, Massachusetts where he was born but he was reared in Leicester, MA. While in Worcester, Zachary used to go to Jacob Hyatt Magnet School. After traveling to Leicester, he started playing basketball, tennis, soccer, and football at his high school. Nevertheless, Marc-Aurele also showed his flare for hockey because of his friend who used to play hockey. Furthermore, Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele was highly involved in political campaigns while in college and urged people to use recycling activities.

Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele Obituary

Later he spent a year in Alamosa, CO where he joined Americorp and helped people in getting employment. He also served for a non-profitable organization to help people in need in both Michigan and Massachusetts. Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele was also a part of a band The Sunchokes which performed in local venues in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele GoFundMe

Talking about Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele GoFundMe, is started by John Marc-Aurele, father of Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele. The page is titled “In Loving Memory of Zachary Leo Marc-Aurele” The page is set with the goal of collecting $1 but it has amassed more than $12,000 by the time of publishing this article. As per the description of the page, funds donated there would be used to continue Zachary’s legacy and support the people in the way he desired. Follow For More

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