WATCH: Karen Peralta Viral Video Trending On Twitter & Telegram

Karen Peralta Viral Video Trending On Twitter & Telegram

Karen Peralta viral video is trending and buzzing on social networking sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. On social media every day innumerable videos and pictures go viral and most of them show explicit content. Here we are talking about Karen Peralta viral video which has captivated the attention of the netizens. Meanwhile, they have been curious to watch her video. Recently, Karen Peralta also addressed her viral video through a post on Insta. Let’s check out what she said about the viral clip of her.

Karen Peralta Instagram

Prior to talking about Karen Peralta viral video, let’s talk about who is she. She is mainly known as a television presenter. Karen Peralta is from Panama, Central America. Furthermore, she has thousands of followers on Instagram where she goes with the username @karenperalta28. She has over 394K followers.

Karen Peralta Viral Video Explained

Recently, a string of short video clips surfaced on the internet. The viral video is a CCTV footage that was captured by Karen Peralta’s house CCTV cameras. In fact, the viral clips show security camera footage of her house. Reportedly, a hacker hacked the CCTV system of her house and leaked the clips of her house.

A few days ago, the television presenter addressed the matter by sharing a note on social media. Karen Peralta said she had been threatened by a hacker before her leaked video. She was 9 months pregnant when a hacker threatened her due to footage taken from the security cameras.

Though she got stressed too much she just wanted to give birth to her child without any problem. Now a hacker posted her personal videos on social media without her consent.

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Who Leaked Karen Peralta Viral Video?

Karen Peralta further said, “Today I am mocked for a physiological act, typical of the nature of the human being, but beyond that, the act of digital crime from which no one is exempt has violated the security of my home and our right to privacy”. Karen Peralta has said clearly that she would lead the perpetrator to reach the last consequences of the punishment.

“I am, have been, and always will be, a woman of spiritual strength, of goals and purposes, of successes and failures, I do not break easily, especially when I have a family to keep up. I thank God and my family for always being the pillar and we’ll keep going”

Karen Peralta Leaked Video

Now, this matter has turned every ball. This matter has been taken over by cyber officers. Today, Telemetro Reporta stated, “The artist Karen Peralta reported that the private videos taken from the security cameras of her residence have been on a platform for several months, but they found out on January 1. Inamu asks to strengthen cybercrime laws.”

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