Golf Pro Eamonn Darcy’s Son Leigh Darcy Died In Accident

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It is with profound sadness that the beloved son of Irish golfer Eamonn Darcy has passed away. As per the details, Eamonn Darcy’s son, Leigh Darcy died in an accident. Talking about the accident, Leigh Darcy was involved in a tragic accident that took place on Thursday, 2nd February 2023 in Derbyshire. As the young boy lost his life unexpectedly and untimely, certainly the Darcy family will take time to process this news.

How Leigh Darcy Died?

Speaking about Leigh Darcy cause of death, he lost his life untimely in a tragic accident. He must have succumbed to the injuries sustained in the crash thus his cause of death was directly linked to his injuries. However, the specific injury that caused him to die is not known. We are still awaiting a response from The Darcy family.

Leigh Darcy Death

As Leigh Darcy was the son of famous golfer Eamonn Christopher Darcy, who hails from Ireland, his death news is sending shock waves to the people. Irish golfer Eamonn Darcy has won four European Tours. In addition, he also competed in the Ryder Cup four times. He was just 16 years old in 1968 when he started playing professionally and started serving at the Grange Golf Club located in Dublin as an assistant.

Leigh Darcy Obituary

Since Eamonn’s son passed away, people are sending their condolences to his family and sharing their comfort during this painful time. But it is very hard for them to bear this loss. Leigh will be remembered with affection and reverence. After Leigh Darcy’s death, he will be survived by his Golfer father Eamonn Darcy, stepmother Suzanne, mother Carol, stepfather Norman, and brother Martin. Leigh Darcy left behind his wife named Emma, and their children.

As of yet, the Darcy family has not organized his funeral. Reportedly, the funeral ceremony will take place later in the UK. In addition, Leigh Darcy’s obituary is also pending. Follow For More

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