[RIP] Hadi Ado Bala Cause Of Death, CD Madridejos Player Died

Hadi Ado Bala Cause Of Death, CD Madridejos Player Hadi Ado Bala Died

Shock waves are blowing from Castilla-La Mancha where a Nigerian soccer player died while playing his club, Deportivo Madridejos. According to the reports, Nigerian soccer player Hadi Ado Bala passed away unexpectedly and untimely when he was playing against SP Cabanillas on Sunday, 5th February 2023. As Hadi Ado Bala died suddenly his death reason has become a topic of discussion. Meanwhile, people have been keen to learn what was Hadi Ado Bala cause of death or how did Hadi Ado Bala die. Kindly read the following section for more details.

How Did Hadi Ado Bala Die?

Prior to discussing this further, let us tell you that the Nigerian soccer player who passed away in the Spanish fourth-tier division was just 20 years old. Hadi Ado Bala died at the age of 20 on Sunday, Feb 5, 2023. Hadi Ado Bala was a player of CD Madridejos and he was competing against SP Cabanillas when she suddenly slumped and lost his life.

Talking about his cause of death, Hadi Ado Bala passed away after suddenly suffering seizures during the game against Sporting Cabanillas. Reportedly, the medical emergency was also called at the Madridejos Municipal Field after 5:13 when he started suffering seizures. Despite providing instant medical aid he could not be revived.

Hadi Ado Bala Cause of Death

As per the information, the Nigerian soccer player started suffering seizures in the 39th minute of the game on Sunday afternoon. Immediately 112 was informed about the emergency. An emergency doctor, a life support ambulance, and a UVI were dispatched to the scene. Before pronouncing him dead, the medical aids provided him for 30 minutes in the Municipal Toledo’s stands. The player from Madrid, Hadi Ado Bala was declared dead when he did not respond to the defibrillator.

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What Happened To Hadi Ado Bala?

Following the incident, the Castilla-La Mancha Football Federation (FFCM) stated, “About minute 39 of the game the player collapsed for no apparent reason, in a match that was taking place normally and following the usual channels of this category. Immediately after noticing the player’s situation, he was treated by a toilet that was in the stands of the Municipal Toledo, making use of the facility’s defibrillator, not responding to it. The Health Services made an appearance quickly after a few minutes with the corresponding ambulance, trying to revive the player in every possible way, for more than 30 minutes. After a reasonable time, the Health Services certified the death of the player from Madrid.”

Hadi Ado Bala previously played for Jigawa Golden Stars. Later he migrated to Spain and started playing for CD Madridejos. Hadi Ado Bala was also known as Kehinde Ayinde, Precious Onyesom, and Chukwuebuka Okeke. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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