[RIP] Lindsay Bugbee Crosby Obituary and Death, Who Was Evan Crosby?

Lindsay Bugbee Crosby Obituary

It has been a long time since Lindsay Crosby passed away but people are still curious and keen to know learn how did Lindsay Crosby die and what happened to Lindsay Crosby. In addition, some are eager to know who was Evan Crosby. In this article, we have discussed everything, you are just required to follow it til the end. Scroll down the page and read Lindsay Bugbee Crosby obituary.

How Did Lindsay Crosby Die?

Lindsay Crosby was one of the children of famous American singer Bing Crosby. In fact, he was the youngest son. Lindsay followed in his father’s footsteps and became a singer. But one day he was found dead in his Las Virgenes house where a short-caliber rifle was also recovered. He did not die naturally. According to the reports, Lindsay Crosby died after a self-inflicted gunshot. Lindsay Crosby cause of death was a gunshot. Reportedly, he shot himself in the head on Monday afternoon but he was found dead on Tuesday.

But here the question is, why did he commit suicide or what happened to Lindsay Crosby? As per the reports, Lindsay had drinking problems. He was an alcoholic person. And he killed himself on 11th Dec 1989 when he lost the inheritance that he received from his father. The Crosby brothers lost their late mother Wilma Wyatt’s oil investment. His brother Gary Evan Crosby’s spokeswoman Reiss said the news was the final straw following years of stress and depression and living in the shadow of his father.

Who Was Evan Crosby?

Evan Crosby’s media representative said, “if he’s a scumbag, maybe he can handle it.” She further said that Lindsay Crosby was living at the Bravo Lane house when he was receiving treatment for alcoholism in Calabasas. After rehab, he was about to come back to Sherman Oaks with his wife Susan, and two children. Besides alcoholism, Lindsay Crosby was also suffering from depression because of his two divorces and arrest for DUI.

Lindsay Bugbee Crosby Obituary

Lindsay Crosby was born in LA, California on 5th January 1938. He used to go to Loyola High School where he graduated in 1956. Later he enrolled at Williams College located in Williamstown, MA. Later he created a singing group with his brothers. Reportedly, he inherited $200,000 from his late mother in 1959 when he was just 21 years old.

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Talking about his marriages, he married three times. First, he tied the knot to Barbara Fredrickson in 1960 but she left him in 1963. After this, he got married to Janet Sue Schwartze in 1966 unfortunately his second marriage also could not last for more than a year, and got divorced in 1967. The third time, he married Susan Marlin in 1968. Lindsay has five children from his three marriages. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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