WATCH Adriana Kuch Video Bullying Reddit and Twitter

WATCH Adriana Kuch Video Bullying Reddit and Twitter

The devastated father of a 14-year-old New Jersey girl who committed suicide last week said his daughter would be alive if the authorities had taken action at the right time. For your information, a white girl took her own life after being bullied at school by some black girls. The victim was known as Adriana Kuch. She was from New Jersey. Reportedly, Adriana Kuch Bullying Video went viral on the internet a few days ago. Now the video has taken over the internet by storm. Netizens are taking over the internet and searching for Adriana Kuch Video Bullying Reddit.

Here we have come up with the video and all the imperative details associated with it. Read this article till the end. Adriana Kuch was just 14 years of age when she ended her herself. The reason behind her death is apparent that she killed herself after a video of her being beaten and bullied by some students was recorded and posted online. Meanwhile, the video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. Now netizens are taking over the internet and reacting to it.

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Talking about the incident, it is a matter of Central Regional High School located in Berkeley, New Jersey. Furthermore, the 14-year-old girl died at her home two days after her video was posted on social media. Adriana Kuch’s father claimed that she was regularly bullied by four students.

How Did Adriana Kuch Die?

The video going viral on the internet shows Adriana Kuch being attacked and brutally beaten by a water bottle. The attackers also throw and kicked her to the ground. Her hair was also pulled while the person who captured the incident is laughing in the background. Among the four attackers, one can be heard saying “you’ll get it, you stupid bitch!” Due to the brutal attack on her, she sustained bruises on her legs and face. This incident took place on February 1, 2023 and two days after the incident, Adriana Kuch was found dead at her home.

What Happened To Adriana?

The latest reports recently stated that the students involved in the bullying and attack on Adriana Kuch have been suspended indefinitely. However, Michael Kuch, father of Adriana Kuch, after knowing about the bullying on his daughter also went to the police station to file a complaint against the attackers. He also said that Adriana showed him videos making fun of her. But nobody took action on it even though the school knew about it.

Michael Kuch took to Facebook and wrote, “I was never told that she was hit three times in the face with a bottle. Also, I was never told that my daughter passed out, all they did was take her to the school nurse. The school didn’t even report it to the police. They told me it wasn’t their policy. I had to take my bloodied daughter to the local police station to report the incident.”

Adriana Kuch Bullying Video Reddit

Now, this incident has captivated people’s attention and become a topic of the town. Everyone is reacting to it and condemning the act of students who brutally beat her. A user wrote on Twitter, “Adriana Kuch killed herself on February 3 – two days after being beaten up. Her father says her bullies were taunting her with texts after the attack. School bosses failed to call the police, and still have not expelled the students”

Rose posted from her verified Twitter account, “Adriana Kuch from Berkeley Township, New Jersey took her own life on February 3rd, 2023. The 14 year old had bruises on her face from a filmed assault and was bullied constantly. The school did nothing.” Way of the World shared, “Brutally assaulted and humiliated by a group of black students, Adriana Kuch is just the latest tragedy in the war against white children in school.”

Jen Smith said, “Michael Kuch, the father of NJ teen Adriana Kuch, tells me she took her own life after being taunted by the bullies who attacked her in the video. One sent her direct messages mocking her for ‘dripping’ blood, and also posted messages like this on Snapchat.”

Adriana Kuch Viral Video

However, Adriana was not the first student who became a victim of bullying in the school. Now her father is raising his voice for other students who are also facing bullying every day at their school. In addition, he is also seeking justice for his daughter. Reportedly, the four students appearing in the viral video have been terminated from the school and three of them have been charged with third-degree felony assault while one was charged with disorderly conduct.

Adriana Kuch Fight Video

On Wednesday, students demonstrated at the school in support of Adriana’s family. A wake for Adriana took place on Friday from 5 pm to 6 pm in Bayville at Mastapeter. She was born in Toledo, Ohio. Seven years ago, her family settled in Bayville. She was fond of pet animals and loved to help children. She used to go for a morning walk every morning with her brother. Her other hobbies were skateboards, buggies, and forest walks. Follow For More

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