Is Eoghan McDermott Arrested? Famous Irish Broadcaster Arrested In Child Defilement

Is Eoghan McDermott Arrested? Famous Irish Broadcaster Arrested In Child Defilement

Is Eoghan McDermott Arrested? Famous Irish Broadcaster Arrested In Child Defilement: According to the latest reports, the noted broadcaster from Ireland who is charged with child defilement was granted bail on a bond. Recently, the Irish broadcaster was arrested two days ago but he was later released on bond and condition. As the accused is a well-known personality in the country, his arrest news is taking over the internet by storm.

Moreover, people are also speculating on the name of the accused. In the midst of allegations of defilement of a child on a broadcaster, netizens are speculating about is Eoghan McDermott arrested and whether Eoghan McDermott is accused in this case. We have explored this story in further sections. Head on to the following sections.

Is Eoghan Mcdermott Arrested?

Talking about the accused, he is a 39-year-old man but his name can not be mentioned for legal conditions. But we have some accurate and confirmed details about the case. The accused is an entertainer and broadcaster who appeared at Dublin District Court amid the defilement of a child charges. Reportedly, the Irish broadcaster was presented in court on Tuesday as he is charged with three counts of child defilement.

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The incident for which the Irish broadcaster is charged with three counts of child defilement dates back to 12 or 13 years back in December 2010 and other two occasions on an unknown date between Aug 2010 and Jan 2011. The man in question is facing the allegations of being involved in sexual acts with a child under 17 at the time of the incident. An official claimed that the Irish broadcaster did not make any comment when charged by Divisional Protective Services Bureau.

The broadcaster has been granted bail on €500 bond and ordered that he has no further contact with the accuser. As of now, non of the legal aids have been applied but the Irish broadcaster is due to next a hearing next month at the Dublin District Court.

Irish Broadcaster Arrested

As mentioned, netizens are speculating that Irish broadcaster Eoghan McDermott might be the accused who is charged with three counts of defilement of a child. It is because the former 2FM presenter was involved in a similar case last year. In fact, he also left his high-profile job suddenly without giving any specific reason for it. Later, Eoghan McDermott broke his silence and said the allegations against him were incorrect. Furthermore, the accuser also confessed through her solicitor that she was above the age of consent when they were in a relationship. Follow For More

Eoghan Mcdermott Wife?

He is still single. Previously he was in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Aoife Melia

Eoghan Mcdermott Net Worth?

Eoghan Mcdermott’s net worth is estimated at around $3 Million to $5 Million

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