Moustapha Sylla Death and Obituary, Watch How Ivory Coast Player Died

Moustapha Sylla Death

Moustapha Sylla Death and Obituary, Watch How Ivory Coast Player Died: We are feeling devastated to report that young footballer Moustapha Sylla died during his football gameplay. He was an Ivorian defender for Racing d’Abidjan, and his unfortunate death occurred at the age of 21 on Monday, 6th of March 2023. The youthful footballer took his last breath among his team on the field when they were playing the match against the SOL FC team. Unexpectedly His body collapsed on the field as soon as the management informed him about his collapse they reached out to save him. You will get more information if you scroll down with more unknown facts.

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What Happened To Moustapha Sylla?

Sylla, 21 collapsed on the pitch during the match at Robert Champroux Stadium in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The left-back, was on the left flank when he dropped dead on the field of play.

As soon as his opposite team player saw him in a miserable condition they started to call out for medical help from the management team. After that, they brought him away from the pitch and put him under observation so that, they can bring breathe into his body. Moustapha Sylla was declared dead on his arrival at the hospital. Read for more information down below.

Moustapha Sylla Death Cause Explained

Reportedly, there is no exact information about the tragic hit which leads him to death. We are not claiming as long as we get something from the side of the late footballer. We advise you to not chase and consider false information.
A few reports are claiming that he a had heart stroke while playing and he could not bear the pain unfortunately in the end, his body stopped working, and then died.

His club stated, “Our defender Moustapha Sylla died this evening following an illness on the pitch during the RCA vs Sol FC match,” The 21-year-old defender was with his club Racing d’Abidjan last year in September. As of now, the RCA club won the national championship in 2020.

Watch Moustapha Sylla Last Match Video

His fan and admirers are shocked to see this report on the news and social media. As soon as they got this news their shocking reaction hitting headlines, as no one thought that this can happen to one of their favorite players. This news brought grief in people who love Sylla which is the reason, the entire Twitter was filled with reaction. Follow For More

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