How Did Chaim Elefant Die? Obituary, Father of Four Died In Flight, Cause of Death

How Did Chaim Elefant Die? Obituary, Father of Four Died In Flight, Cause of Death

How Did Chaim Elefant Die? Obituary, Father of Four Died In Flight, Cause of Death: A heart-wrenching incident came to know that Chaim Elefant, 33-year-old, the father of four children died on Wednesday, 8th March 2023 unexpectedly. What happened to Chaim Elefant? He was a member of the Pico-Robertson community. Los Angeles Jewish community was startled to hear this news. His wife, Miriam (Citronenbaum), and his four children were left behind they are under 7 years. They were shocked to hear when they come to know about their father’s demise. How did Chaim Elefant die? Know what were the circumstances were surrounding the death of the father of four.

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How Did Chaim Elefant Die?

Elefant was traveling from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when he got a heart attack the plane crewmembers tried to bring his breath but they couldn’t. They failed to do. The plane made an emergency landing in New Orleans and he was taken to hospital as soon as possible but that was too late to save him. Elefant was flying with two of his business partners, at that time. He was the chief sales officer of the beauty brand(Art Naturals).

The Jewish community was helping the Elefant family by raising money for Miriam and her children through Chesed Fun. They made a goal of $3 million.
Over $1 million in donations was raised in just one day to pay for expenses like their therapy, mortgage, and the children’s education.

Chaim Elefant Obituary and Funeral

The Dean of the school, Rabbi Daniel Grama, Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, and Rabbi Boruch signed the letter on the fundraiser (set with a goal of $3,000,000, collected $1,133,495 with the help of 4629 people by the time of publishing).
Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn described Chaim’s character when Einhorn attended the Levaya (funeral) On March 9 at Beth Jacob Congregation, Einhorn was calling this incident heart-wrenching.
Einhorn would raise money for Chaim’s young children and find a charity for others.

Chaim was the son of Lisa and Yaakov Elefant of Brooklyn, New York.
Life could be unfortunate for someone.
To tackle this we have to get together and fight this unfortunate situation to win over.
All condolences to Elefant’s family and his loved ones. Follow For More

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