What Happened To Sammy Pencil Moripe? DJ Pencil Obituary and Cause of Death

What Happened To Sammy Pencil Moripe? DJ Pencil Obituary and Cause of Death

What Happened To Sammy Pencil Moripe? DJ Pencil Obituary and Cause of Death: A 29 years old popular South African Dj died on March 6th, 2023, named DJ pencil. The real name of DJ pencil was Pencil Sammy Moripe. This news shocked the entire music industry. People who connected with DJ pencil were in mourning.
He was a popular Dj and producer who gained popularity for his unique style of making music. He was a member of the Barcadi duo- Pencil and Zingmaster.
Scroll down to see more about Dj pencil and his cause of death.

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What Happened To Sammy Pencil Moripe?

On March 6th, 2023, the news about the death of DJ pencil spread all over the music industry.
Right now, the media did not disclose the real cause of death. In addition, the musician’s family also has not revealed his cause of death. But some reports are claiming that the real cause of his death was a heart attack.

Who was Sammy Pencil Moripe?

Dj pencil known as Pencil Sammy Moripe was very talented from a very young age. His town name is Soshanguve in Pretoria, where he grew up. He was passionate about his work from an early age. He started doing Dj in 2010 and his work was getting better day by day.
He made many popular songs Tshwara and Steppe was one of them.

DJ Pencil Obituary

He was popular because of his talent and his unique way of making songs. His quick way of learning was the main reason for his popularity. He learned to play the keyboard and another instrument from a very young age. He started to begin producing music when he was a teenager. Therefore he gained a reputation as one of the most prestigious artists in South Africa
Serope was released in 2019. This song got the attention of people and became fav song among youth, because of its catchy beats and lyrics.
He made this a collaboration with Zing Master.
Tshwara was another song that he made got popularity among music lovers. These two songs helped to make Dj pencil’s status.

Rest in peace, the great artist soul he had. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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