WATCH GR Smith and Ashton Winger Racing Fight, Why Was Ashton Winger Arrested?

WATCH GR Smith and Ashton Winger Racing Fight, Why Was Ashton Winger Arrested?

Why Was Ashton Winger Arrested? WATCH GR Smith and Ashton Winger Racing Fight: On March 11, Cory Hedgecock win the Tennessean supermodel race with 33 laps to go under Spring Nationals. This was their first win Cory at the 411 motor Speedway in 2023. His division name is the super late model, Crate Late Model.

GR Smith and Ashton Winger gave full competition to each other in the opening two laps of the Southern All-Stars series race. Smith was disqualified due to his harsh driving and Ashton Winger and his father were arrested because of a fight between two teams, one was Winger’s team and the second one was Smith’s.

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GR Smith and Ashton Winger Racing Fight Explained

The scuffle started when Winger and Smith were on 1st turn, Smith was trying to make hard contact with Winger to take the 2nd position.

According to some report, there was Winger’s father attacked Smith in the pit area, after Winger and his father was arrested, shortly after, Smith’s team were taken away in handcuffs when Ashton’s damaged car came back to the pit area.

The report says that Winger’s father remains in jail and an assault charge(penalty) was being applied to him. The latest drama at Southern Raceway overshadowed at Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series race at the Southern Illinois Center in DuQoin Saturday night when Jade Avedesian got popularity for the feature win over Thomas Meseraull. They made two contacts in the closing laps.

Why Was Ashton Winger Arrested?

Winger’s and Smith’s team marked the second time in three weeks that they fought at the track which leads to the arrest and assault penalties on them. Maybe the most unlikely rivalry in motorsports was when the two racers made contact with each other, one was 41-year-old Thomas Meseraull and another was 17-year-old Jade Avedesian. Mereraull made contact with Avedesian to secure his finish but Avedesian performed well and she won. Despite of female, she broke all records.

Jade Avedesian was worried enough to apologize for her actions in her victory lane interview. Jade said that anyone that think she was making a gender issue out of this can kindly eat crow.

Meseraull was dumb enough to do something violent hoshouldhese snarls go further? She was concerned not just in this specific case, but as a larger issue, that national touring races for real money were going to start featuring on-track incidents where participants Exactly had to be handled with kids’ gloves.

Let’s talk about Ashton Winger leaving Southern in handcuffs and GR Smith only getting a DQ despite Smith starting the mess on track, But in Kyle Hardy’s case at Winchester, it did complete. Watching Hardy lose a surefire winning in the limited late model class Saturday after being brought by a lapped car with four laps to go seemed perfect procurement for the racer that finished the line to win the crate late model feature that day.

The villain of Dirt Racing of the weekend

Smith was the villain of the weekend, His opening 1st lap contact with Winger was aggressive, as was each incident in that he frequently hit Winger until he did too much damage to his racecar and Winger’s racecar. After that, I have no idea what happens in the pits but Smith’s conduct on track has no business in big-league Dirt racing

Heroes of the Dirt race this weekend

The first shoutout is for Garrett Alberson because of his super late model victory on Saturday at Boothill. Watching Alberson work the high side of the track to beat a legend in Billy Moyer was not only expert driving but as far a departure from Friday’s demo derby as possible. Alberson got a sardonic shoutout just because of a clean late model race. Follow For More

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