Watch: Norma Lizbeth Video De Golpiza, School Bullying, Who Is Azahara Aylin?

Watch: Norma Lizbeth Video De Golpiza, School Bullying, Who Is Azahara Aylin?

Watch: Norma Lizbeth Video De Golpiza, School Bullying, Who Is Azahara Aylin?: A Mexican girl who had been the victim of bullying in the state was killed in a fight.

Bullying is a significant problem in many countries around the world. It can destroy the lives of those who experience it, and in some cases, it can get worse and lead to a tragedy like death.

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Norma Lizbeth Video De Golpiza

A Mexican girl, named Norma Lizbeth passed away in this tragic accident which put the community in rage and anger. Norma’s death had put society to ask about prevention from bullying.

This incident shocked the whole country and people worldwide, calling for justice for the innocent girl who lost her life from this incident. Scroll down to get more information

Who Is Azahara Aylin?

Norma Lizbeth’s death video was captured and got viral on social media, specifically Twitter.

What happened in the video?
In the video, there is another young girl who was taunting and physically assaulting Norma Lizbeth.
The girl who was attacking Norma was found to be 14 years old teen, named Azahara Aylin.
She has been detained at the Quinta del Bosque Correctional Facility.

The video shocked the world which put them in a rage and they condemned and asked for justice for Norma Lizbeth and for measures to be taken to prevent similar incidents from happening.

Norma Lizbeth Death

Many people expressed their sympathy and support for Nora Lizbeth’s family.

According to the death certificate(Muerte), 14-year-old Norma Lizbeth Ramos had “craniocerebral trauma” during a confrontation with another girl student in which she was attacked in the head with a stone.
Due to a head injury, Norma Lizbeth Ramos spent 20 days in hospital but eventually, she lost her life on March 13, 2023.

Norma’death news shuddered the heart of many people who were connected to her and left them in the morning.

Scroll down to read about Norma’s Obituary

Norma Lizbeth Obituary

The family described in her obituary that she had been a kind and loving daughter who bring shine to their lives.
She was a position girl, always trying to bring smiles to her family’s faces.
The obituary also notes that Norma Lizbeth’s death resulted from bullying, a reminder of the issue which impacts families and individuals.
The family is asking to take prevention from similar incidents from happening in the future.

This incident must have broken the heart of her family and friends. Follow For More

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