What Happened To Gunter Nezhoda? Storage Wars Actor Died At 67

What Happened To Gunter Nezhoda? Storage Wars Actor Died At 67

What Happened To Gunter Nezhoda? Storage Wars Actor Died At 67: The ‘Storage Wars star died on Tuesday, 22nd of March 2023. His name was Gunter Nezhoda.
Gunter Nezhoda died at the age of 67 due to cancer. He was diagnosed with lung cancer the sixth month before death.

Storage Wars star Gunter Nezhoda’s son, Rene Nezhoda described to TMZ that his father passed away on Tuesday night in his sleep. At the time of death, Gunter was in Lake City, Utah.

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What Happened To Gunter Nezhoda?

Gunter has been suffering from cancer which devastated his life. He was going through a chemotherapy process which made holes in his lungs.
Due to the holes, his lungs gave up and stopped properly functioning.
Recently, Gunter flew to Utah for emergency surgery, but doctors realized that was too late to cure it back.

Rene explained on Instagram and share the news of his father dying and he also mentioned about his father that his dad had been smoking for a long time about 30 years.

What Was Gunter Nezhoda Cause of Death?

Many people connected to Gunter Nezhoda.
They loved that show, Gunter was one of the stars who never got hate from people which proved how much people loved and admire him.

Gunter’s son Rene also described in his video that they kept the situation private because they thought he was going to fully recover, but eventually he couldn’t.

Gunter Nezhoda’s “career” and “born place” Everything you will be answered down below the article.

Gunter was born in Vienna (Europe), and he moved to Frankfurt, Germany for 10 years. In 1990 he made his way to Las Vegas where he began his reality TV career as Storage War. The show became tremendous when he appeared in show. He was a prominent part of that show because of this he appeared in seven episodes from 2015 to 2019.

Gunter Nezhoda Storage Wars

Know more about Storage war
It is an American Reality Television competition show where professional buyers start an auction on a storage unit in hopes to get lucrative, valuable things that can give tremendous profit.

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Despite Storage War, Gunter Nezhoda has worked in several movies such as The Hunting of Death Vally Junction and Do Not Disturb.

Gunter had also skills for making music, he played bass for many musicians such as George Lynch, Michael Schenker and Kevin Dubrow etc.

He was a remarkable person. His positive attitude always brought motivation. He has been on Television shows for many years with zero haters.
His friends, his loved ones, and his family will miss him for sure. Rest in peace, Gunter. Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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