Jamirah Shutes Arrested: Watch Memphis Player Punching Elissa Brett, Charged With Assault

Jamirah Shutes Arrested: Watch University of Memphis Player Charged With Assault For Punching Elissa Brett

Jamirah Shutes Arrested: Watch University of Memphis Player Charged With Assault For Punching Elissa Brett: A women’s basketball player from the University of Memphis has been charged in case of assaulting or punching the opponent team player while the teams were shaking their hands. The game has been played between Green Falcons women’s team and the Tigers women’s team.

Green Falcons team defeated Tigers 73-60 in the Sweet 16 round of the Women’s National Invitation Tournament held in Ohio.

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When the game was over, the confrontation has begun while teams were shaking their hands, It appeared that Jamirah Shutes punched Elissa Brett. There was a video circulating the internet. Scroll down to read more about the fight. What happened all these questions will be answered below.

Jamirah Shutes Arrested For Punching Elissa Brett

Right now, there is no clear information about who initiated the confrontation. According to The Bowling Green State University Athletics Department, a member of the Memphis Women’s Basketball team has been charged with assault, but University didn’t mention Jumirah Shutes’s name.
According to the police of Bowling Green State University Jumirah Shutes attacked Brett’s face with a closed fist. That was a brutal hit, her eye was undergoing pain and got swelling

Shutes was charged by the police after a review of the video, interviews and witness statements.

That incident was a shame of sportsmanship,
The Bowling State Green University Department mentioned in their interview that Violence is never acceptable, and our job is to ensure the health, safety and support of our student-athlete.

Watch Video Jamirah Shutes Punches Elissa Brett

Memphis’ athletic department said on Friday that “this incident was unfortunate and unexpectable for our program and student-athletes.

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We condemned this incident. This is a bad representation of sportsmanship. Winning and losing are always part of the game. The unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. We must punish such behavior to avoid this type of incident.

Because the incident happened after the game, jurisdiction falls in the hands of local authorities, and we are supporting fully with their process, the statement said. “To be respectful of that whole process, we will not comment further until it is complete.” Follow Thecrunchynews.com For More

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