How Did Xavier Rodriguez Die? Mexican Actor Chabelo Cause of Death and Obituary

How Did Xavier Rodriguez Die? Mexican Actor Chabelo Cause of Death and Obituary

How Did Xavier Rodriguez Die? Mexican Actor Chabelo Cause of Death and Obituary: The demise of Xavier Lopez Rodriguez shocked the entire Mexican media. His loved ones, his family, and his friend were in mourning after getting this news. At the time of death, he was 88 years old. He popularly known as Chabelo was a comedian and children’s TV host. The show was very entertaining and was admired by many people around the world. He was radiant in his show which bring a smile to people’s faces, Moreover, his show was loved by every group of people.

His loved ones and admirer were expressing themselves on social media to show their love and pray. Know more about Xavier Lopez Rodriguez or Chabelo. His career? His Achievements? Read this article till the end.

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How Did Xavier Rodriguez Die?

He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on 17 February 1935, Later on, he became a popular professional Mexican actor, comedian, television hoster, and children’s music singer. Furthermore, Chabelo acted in more than thirty motion pictures. Despite of that he also released thirty musical albums.

Lopez’s career started when he met two famous actors, whose names were Panseco and Gamboa. Panseco worked on radio and Gamboa worked on Television. Both were the reason behind them, Lopez learning TV business. Later on, Lopez got the idea of a show where children and families could participate and enjoy. His show name was En Familia con Chabelo,

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In his show, there was games, contest, and gifts he presented and Lopez played the role of the TV host. That show was a super hit in many countries, especially in Latin America. Lopez was awarded Guinness Record for playing the Chabelo character for over 57 years.

Chabelo aka Xavier Lopez Rodriguez Obituary

He was born in the U.S., During the Korean War, Lopez was selected in US Army, after serving many years in the military in California. He decided to study medicine in the hope of being a doctor. Despite this, he started working on the Mexican television channel Televisa as an assistant. All those things cemented his status and eventually, he get the role of Chabelo.

His achievement: Lopez won many titles in his career like EL EXTRA (1962), Escuela para soleras (1965), Los Reyes del volante(1965), and La princess hippie (1969) etc. He also received a special blimp at the Kids Choice Awards Mexico for his career.

He lived a successful life, and his entertainment and his comedy show will always give enjoyment. Anyone can enjoy his show with family and children. His family and his loved ones will surely miss him. He was the children’s favorite. Rest in peace, Xavier Lopez Rodriguez. Follow For More

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