Immanuel Mulunga Arrested: NAMCOR Board Member Charged In Drug Case

Immanuel Mulunga Arrested: NAMCOR Board Member Charged In Drug Case

Immanuel Mulunga Arrested: NAMCOR Board Member Charged In Drug Case: Immanuel Mulunga, a member of Namcor was arrested in the case of drug dealing. The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia was found guilty of a big drug scandal in their country. She is arrested with drugs in their official vehicle.

Parastatal’s spokesperson Utaara Hoveka confirmed the news in front of the media.
There was a string operation that was run by the police of Namibia. In that string operation, they caught the Mullunga who was carrying drugs.

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Immanuel Mulunga Arrested

Police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi mentioned a string of intelligence-driven operations was successful to arrest them with a substantial quantity of drugs.
Read this article down below to get more information regarding drugs and board members. It was found that there was probably 935 grams of cannabis, 10 grams of cocaine powder, and about 60 unit of crack cocaine.

Police took every step right and started to search her car and eventually they found the drugs. It was evidence that was enough to arrest her. The arrest also rise controversies Between the board’s chairperson Jennifer Cmalie and Mulunga. Mulunga was alleged involvement in the payment of over N$100 million for two Angolan oil. Accepting some reports, Camalie confirmed to the boards, that they are going to investigate the situation properly. Read more about this Namibia scandal. There is an oil deal and transaction involved in this case.

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NAMCOR Board Member Arrested

According to the report, Namcor, and Sequa Petroleum from Britain formed a group called Sungara Energies, they agreed to pay N$8 billion (US$451 million) to Sonangol for a 40% working interest in block 23, 35% working interest in block 27 and a10% interest in block 15/06.

While Namcor decided to pay US$10 million (N$170 million) towards the deposit, the partners paid US$6 million (N$102 million), which made a shortfall of US$6.7 million (N$100 million), and it is still not clear which partner failed to pay.
Mulunga decided to make the transaction to the board last August, but it was rejected. Despite this, Mulunga went ahead to finalize the transaction without asking the board, claiming that failure to pay would result in the loss of an oil block that is producing commercial oil. There is a reason behind the board that they reported of the clash over.

The arrest has ignited rage in many public and thinking that the arrest could be a setup. Kauna Shikwambi stated that the board members will appear in court on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Furthermore, the accused will present in Windhoek Magistrate Court. There is an investigation going on there. let’s see the court decision.
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