5 Best Red Barber Chairs: Your Buyer’s Guide (2021)

5 Best Red Barber Chairs: Your Buyer’s Guide (2021)

Honestly, I had a hard time coming up with cons for the Barber Pub Vintage Barber Chair. This thing is beautiful, solid, and from a trusted brand name. 

For those who want a vintage look, you can’t go wrong here with the rounded seat back, tufted faux leather, black steel frame, and classic towel bar beneath the armrest. The black base blends easily into black salon mats so they won’t disturb that nostalgic feel. It’s a fantastic-looking chair that makes a big impression and gets people talking about your remodel.

This is a solid chair and the hydraulic pump can handle up to 700 pounds of weight supported by a 27-inch diameter steel base. The headrest adjusts for taller clients and the footrest has two stability feet to prevent tipping. It reclines up to 135-degrees and for back and leg support the footrest had an additional padded footrest that swivels to stay level when the chair is in a reclining position. This extra rest is great for clients with lower back pain because they can more easily keep their legs elevated and supported.  

It’s a huge plus that the chair arrives mostly pre-assembled and all you have to do is assemble and attach the backrest. I’ve built my fair share of hydraulic pumps and hated every second of it, so any time I can skip that is always worth the investment for me.

This Barber Pub chair is available in a wide range of colors including red, black with gold-toned frame, vintage brown, vintage green, and classic black.

  • Seat width: 19.3 inches wide 
  • Hydraulic seat range: 22.4 to 28.7 inches
  • Weight limit: 700 pounds
  • Base diameter: 27 inches