5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Your Visceral Fat — Eat This Not That – What We Know!

5 Reasons You Can't Lose Your Visceral Fat — Eat This Not That

Visceral fats—also called stomach fats, the form of fats that lurks below the belly muscle tissue and round essential organs just like the liver and pancreas—is harmful. Dr. Mark Hyman, a practical drugs doctor with the Cleveland Clinic, places it in stark phrases: “In case you have stomach fats, it’s a danger issue for each single age-related illness, interval. Neglect about smoking, that is the killer.” Amongst different harmful results, visceral fats stokes bodywide irritation and releases hormones and toxins into essential organs. However if you happen to’ve ever tried to scale back cussed belly fats, you may need discovered your self annoyed. In a current episode of his podcast The Physician’s Farmacy, Hyman detailed 5 the explanation why. Learn on to search out out extra—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, don’t miss these Positive Indicators You’ve Already Had COVID.


Hyman pinpoints liquid energy as one of many largest contributors to visceral fats. “Soda, juices, even nut milks, which you suppose are wholesome, might be spiking your sugar—sweetened espresso, sweetened teas, vitality drinks,” he mentioned. “We live in a sea of liquid sugar, and it’s actually completely different than common sugar.” 

Liquid sugar appears to speed up the event of stomach fats “by being rapidly absorbed, spiking blood sugar, spiking insulin,” he mentioned. “Liquid sugar energy are the one largest correlate with weight problems in America … If you are able to do a single factor to dramatically enhance your well being, do away with liquid sugar energy.”


Practically as dangerous as liquid sugar: The refined carbs in flour, that are extremely processed and rapidly absorbed by the physique. “It seems that flour is worse than desk sugar with regards to elevating your blood sugar,” mentioned Hyman. “While you increase your blood sugar, you increase insulin. You increase insulin, you sweep all of the gasoline out of your bloodstream and throw it into your belly-fat cells.” 

“It’s like insulin mainly opens the gates—all of the gasoline, fats, sugar, carbs, all the pieces goes flooding into your fats cells. After which the gate closes like a one-way turnstile within the subway.”

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“The problem with our fashionable weight-reduction plan is absolutely the extra of energy, absolutely the extra of sugar and starch in our weight-reduction plan, and the limitless means to overeat,” mentioned Hyman. “We’ve got to essentially take a very good, severe take a look at the way in which our our bodies are tailored—which is to retailer as a lot fats as attainable, as rapidly as attainable—when we have now an extra of energy.”

“We’ve got to really cease this means of overeating and consuming the unsuitable meals,” he added. “That’s driving this stomach fats … it’s the single largest factor that’s driving illness.”

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“You don’t need to eat earlier than mattress, three hours at the very least,” mentioned Hyman. “While you’re sleeping, your physique’s in restore storage mode. So all these hormones change from day to nighttime, and the hormones at evening are storage hormones. So that you’re going to retailer all that meals as stomach fats.” Hyman eats dinner at 5 or 6pm earlier than going to mattress at 9 or 10pm, permitting himself three hours to digest—with out snacking. 

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“I by no means put individuals on a calorie-restricted weight-reduction plan, by no means,” mentioned Hyman. “I by no means say, ‘Rely your energy, minimize your energy. Don’t eat too many energy.’ I don’t even say the phrase ‘energy,’ it’s simply so irrelevant. And I’ve had individuals lose lots of of kilos. It really works as a result of once you use science, not willpower, it’s straightforward. Individuals aren’t hungry, they really feel nourished, they really feel glad, they don’t really feel disadvantaged, it’s sustainable.”

To lose stomach fats and preserve a wholesome weight, Hyman, like many consultants, recommends a weight-reduction plan centered on entire meals, that are anti-inflammatory, phytonutrient-rich and excessive in fiber and good fat like avocado and olive oil.

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