5 Strangest Gambling Superstitions

Almost every part of the world has its unique set of superstitions. Not just in cultures and countries, but you will also find it in the gambling industry. It’s time for you to learn about the prominent casino superstitions. You might find these strange, but the members of the gambling industry firmly believe in these.

1. The Gestures Of The Body

There are many strange superstitions related to the body’s itches, flinches, and other activities. Here are some common ones:

The Famous Itchy Hands

You might have heard of it from someone in your neighborhood. Itchy palms bring a sign related to fortune. If you have an itch in your right palm, you will face monetary loss. However, if you have an itchy left palm, you will receive good fortune. Many enthusiasts prefer using slot machines after such indications.

The Table Manner Superstitions

Interestingly enough, there are rumors related to misfortune if you cross your legs. Crossing legs is said to bring misfortune because it cancels out your winning streak. Meanwhile, if you place a hand on someone’s shoulder, it will bring bad luck. Similarly, if you cross your fingers, it will bring misfortune, not good luck.

2. Superstitions From Different Countries

The majority of Asians and Europeans believe that using a casino front entrance brings bad luck. Thus, they prefer to use the rear entrances. With that in mind, here are three of the strangest superstitions from different countries related to gambling and luck:

Wearing Something Red

The next one of the strangest gambling superstitions comes from the Chinese myths. Gambling has been an indispensable part of the country. You might have seen people from China wear red while gambling. It is believed that if you wear something red, especially wearing red underwear, you will have a boost in luck. However, it can wear red shoes or anything else.

Smoking The Vulture Brain

Originating from South Africa, there’s quite a popular superstition that if you smoke a dried brain of a vulture, you attract luck. Many other abilities like predicting the results, analyzing the outcomes and such have been related to smoking the brain of the vulture. Some individuals go as far as devouring the brain to receive a luck boost.

The Ungroomed Master Gambler

One of the most bizarre casino superstitions originates from India. Apparently, staying untidy, unkempt, and unhygienic brings you positive results while betting. Not cutting nails and washing hair on Tuesdays and Saturdays also prove to be effective.

Of course, many of the gamblers stay quite untidy due to their addiction in India, but many would purposely keep themselves ungroomed to win big.

3. The Common Superstitions

These are some of the most common beliefs almost every superstitious individual has in the world:

The Touchwood Superstition

You might have heard of the ‘touch wood’ phrase to ward off negative energies. Among the unusual casino superstitions, this one comes from touching the wood of the table game you attend. This results in better results and it will also bring good luck

Using The Explicit Language

Of course, you can’t use it in the open casinos, but many casino players believe in cursing before the roulette wheel stops. It has turned into somewhat of a ritual where if you yell out the explicit words, you can potentially hit the winning streak. This is one of the strangest casino superstitions you will find.

Of course, not many brick & mortar casinos would allow that. An online casino, such as Yukon Casino, would be your best bet if you want to try your luck with this superstition. The review will tell you plenty about the platform and if it is worth your time.

Whistle For The Winds Of Misfortune

Among the oddest casino superstitions comes the one for the whistling. This one is given to us by the sailors where whistling is said to bring stronger winds that could drift them apart. So, many of the sailors that used to gamble would state that it is unfavorable to whistle while betting, as it attracts winds of bad luck.

Lucky Charms Of The Folks

Once you read all the weird gambling superstitions, you will realize that this one is perhaps the most sane. After all, we all believe in carrying something lucky and people take it to another level. Many would keep the card that helped them win the first jackpot, or a big roll. They do it for the chip, the pendant, or the clothes they wore the same night.

4. The Casino-Oriented Superstitions

Some of the strangest gambling superstition originated from the casino itself:

Counting The Winnings

This one’s also related to manners. You should not count your winnings while you’re playing. This is especially true for card gambling. If you count the total amount you’ve won or lost, it contributes to the worst of luck that you can hope for.

The $50 Bills

This one’s an interesting superstition. It branches from the time the Mafia was taking over the casinos. They would kill someone and bury the body with a $50 bill. The rumor originated from there. Since then, the gamblers have believed it is not ideal to receive a fifty dollar bill in their cash.

There’s also the fact that the most counterfeited currency is the $50 bill.

Talking To The Goods

Let’s talk about another one of the weirdest gambling superstitions. Many slot machine players believe that you should whisper to the coins before using them. The same applies to talking to the dice before you roll them. There’s a strong belief that doing so would increase the odds of winning and getting the favorable rolls.

Lending The Funds

Casinos would frequently lend loads to the players that have maintained great credit. Asking other players for real money isn’t a new habit, either. However, among the weird gambling superstitions is the one where you shouldn’t lend any kind of currency to others. Apparently, it signifies that you are also lending your fortune to someone.

5. Common Superstitions Of Unlucky Numbers

Everyone worldwide believes in the number 13 being the unluckiest. This doesn’t just stick to the gamblers, but almost everywhere around the globe. You won’t find the players trying to use 13 chips. Nobody wants to roll the number and nor do the hotels and casinos have 13th floor, No. 13 room and so on.

Similarly, in China, 4 is the unlucky digit related to the bad omen. On the contrary, Italians believe that 13 is the luckiest digit that you can get.

In other parts of the globe, 777 is the lucky number, while 666 and 999 are also believed to be the devil’s lucky numbers. Some believe that 555 is the ultimate lucky number.


So, these were some of the strangest casino superstitions that are more related to various kinds of fortunes while you gamble. With the online gambling industry, these superstitions have also found a way to expand and become prominent world-wide. Now, it is up to you whether you want to try these on casino games or not. After all, gambling is all about trying your luck, even if it means performing the strangest rituals.