7 Best Cake Display Fridges (2021)

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There’s no better way to showcase desserts and other sweet treats than with a gorgeous cake display fridge. Perfect for bakeries and cafes, cake display fridges don’t just show off your baked goods, they actually encourage additional purchases.

Our list of the best cake display fridges features a cake chiller for every shop set-up. From large freestanding models perfect for whole cakes and pies to smaller countertop options suitable for individual slices and cupcakes, there’s a variety of quality display fridges to choose from. Our list features the best seven models available today, so for all the details on these essential bakery appliances, read on.

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    KoolMore 48″ Refrigerated Bakery Display Case

    KoolMore Cake Display FridgeKoolMore Cake Display Fridge


    • Large and spacious design offers a three level display
    • Stands on 2″ caster wheels that are easy to move and lock in place
    • Made from high quality stainless steel


    • Requires more space
    • More expensive
    • Easy to move but heavy

    Designed as a freestanding appliance, this cake display fridge from KoolMore is definitely made for bakeries and sweet shops. Maintaining the optimal temperature range of 36-degrees F – 43-degrees F, this refrigeration system makes sure your cakes, pies, baked goods, and other fresh pastries stay fresh and delicious throughout the day.

    Featuring a gorgeous curved glass front, this case features a large 48-inch display that’s brightly lit with a built-in LED lighting system that helps highlight food colors, flakiness, and freshness. Some other design features worth noting include rear sliding glass doors for easy access, adjustable shelves, and lockable and rollable castor wheels so that you can easily install and relocate throughout the shop.

    The utilized refrigeration system is also naturally eco and environmentally friendly, and the exterior frame is made from the highest quality stainless steel to prevent stains, fust, and unwanted odors.

    Dimensions: 48″ long x 26.5″ wide x 52.7″ high
    Weight: 342lbs
    Voltage: 115V

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    KoolMore Commercial Countertop Refrigerator Display Case

    KoolMore Cake Display FridgeKoolMore Cake Display Fridge


    • Available in three different sizes
    • Compact design that fits on any tabletop or countertop
    • Shelves are adjustable for a customizable display


    • Better for smaller shops and cafes than larger bakeries
    • 3 cubic foot option is better for individual slices and grab n’ go items
    • Some reported issues with temperature control range

    Available in three different sizes, this line of countertop cake display fridges from KoolMore might be smaller and more compact than some other models on our list, but they are excellent options for smaller shops, individual slices, and grab n’ go items.

    Featuring bright LED lighting, adjustable shelves, digital temperature controls, a temperature range of 32-degrees F – 53 degrees F, an automatic defrost function, and sleek and durable designs, these cake chillers are great space-saving solutions for bakeries, cafes, coffee shops, and convenience stores. Rear-facing sliding doors also make it easy and convenient for staff to load the cake chillers quickly. As mentioned above, this option from KoolMore is available in three different sizes. A breakdown of dimensions and specs for each are below:

    3.6 Cubic Feet (Pictured)
    Dimensions: 26.8″ long x 17″ wide x 26.6″ high
    Weight: 86.2lbs
    Voltage: 110-120V

    4.6 Cubic Feet
    Dimensions: 27.48″ long x 22.8″ wide x 26.7″ high
    Weight: 145.5lbs
    Voltage: 110V

    5.6 Cubic Feet
    Dimensions: 34.6″ long x 22.4″ wide x 27″ high
    Weight: 145.5lbs
    Voltage: 110-120V

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    KoolMore 71″ Refrigerated Bakery Display Case

    KoolMore Cake Display FridgesKoolMore Cake Display Fridges


    • Spacious interior perfect for all kinds of cakes, pies, and desserts
    • Comes with three adjustable shelves
    • Maintains an optimal temperature range of 36-43 degrees F


    • Easy to move but no weight information is provided
    • Availability is limited
    • Some had issues maintaining temperature

    If you’re looking for a show-stopping cake display fridge for your bakery and shop, this 71″ model from KoolMore is one to consider. Designed as a beautiful showcase for your cakes, pastries, pies, and more, this refrigeration system has a spacious interior, LED lighting system, and adjustable shelves so you can customize the display. Maintaining an optimal temperature of 36-degrees F – 43-degrees F, your baked goods will stay fresh throughout the day.

    The case also features rear sliding doors for easy access, glass on all sides for optimal viewing, and rolling and lockable caster wheels so you can easily install and move around your shop.

    Dimensions: 70.09″ long x 28.75″ wide x 55.1″ high
    Voltage: 115V

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    Maxx Cold Countertop 3 cu. ft. LED Refrigerator Merchandiser

    Maxx Cold Cake Display FridgeMaxx Cold Cake Display Fridge


    • Versatile option that can be used for desserts as well as drinks
    • Uses R290 energy efficient refrigerant
    • Comes with three wire shelves


    • Voltage and weight information is not provided
    • Front facing door
    • Smaller option

    If you’re looking for a different kind of cake display fridge this countertop merchandiser from Maxx Cool is an excellent choice. Smaller than some of the other models on our list, this tower option has 3 cubic feet of storage space making it great for smaller cakes and cupcakes.

    Featuring a dual-pane tempered glass front-facing door, glass on all sides, and interior LED lighting with bright corners to enhance the optics, it’s easy to showcase your desserts and sweet treats in this fridge. This display fridge is also energy efficient, maintains the optimal temperature range of 34-degrees F – 54-degrees F, has a digital control panel, has a flat top perfect for signage, and comes with three chrome-plated wire shelves.

    Dimensions: 16.69″ long x 15.91″ wide x 38.58″ high

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    48″ Refrigerated Cake Showcase Bakery Display Case Cabinet

    48 Cake Display Fridge48 Cake Display Fridge


    • LED lighting system is bright
    • Countertop design can fit anywhere in the shop
    • Spacious interior with three adjustable shelves


    • Some users had issues keeping a consistent temperature
    • No weight information is provided
    • More voltage is required than other models

    This gorgeous cake display fridge from TechTongda is a show-stopper and eye-grabber, for sure. Designed to sit on top of a counter, this 48-inch case is brightly lit with an LED system, features three adjustable display shelves, and has a rear sliding door for easy access. Perfect for cakes of all sizes, this spacious case also offers shop owners the flexibility to show off their best sweet treats and desserts in an appealing way.

    Engineered to be quick cooling, this model comes with an easy-to-use digital temperature control system and automatic defrost functionality. It also makes little noise and doesn’t use up a lot of power. It can also be used for beverages, snacks, and other grab n’ go items.

    Dimensions: 47″ long x 25.6″ wide x 42.5″ high
    Voltage: 220V

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    KoolMore Countertop Display Refrigerator

    KoolMore Tower FridgeKoolMore Tower Fridge


    • Comes with three adjustable wire shelves
    • Available in a variety of colors
    • Digital controls keep the fridge within the optimal temperature range


    • Ideal for smaller spaces
    • Some concerns over temperature control
    • Issues with delivery

    This countertop cake display fridge from KoolMore is a great option for smaller bakeries and shops. Offering 3 cubic feet of storage space and three adjustable wire shelves, this model is perfect for smaller displays, cupcakes, individual slices, as well as grab n’ go items like bottled water and sodas. 

    Available in three different colors, including white (pictured), stainless steel, and black, this option features an LED lighting system for a bright display, glass on all sides for easy viewing, and a digital control panel that keeps food within the optimal temperature range of 33-degrees F – 40-degrees F.

    Dimensions: 15.9″ long x 16.7″ wide x 38.5″ high
    Weight: 79.4lbs
    Voltage: 110-120V

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    TECHTONGDA 36″ Display Refrigerators Cake Showcase

    Small Cake Display FridgeSmall Cake Display Fridge


    • Sleek design
    • Compact frame
    • Bright display


    • Temperature range is higher than other models
    • Better for smaller displays and shops
    • Reviews are limited

    Looking for a more compact option? Take a look at this cake display fridge from TechTongda. Measuring 36″ long, this gorgeous curved refrigeration system is the perfect size for smaller shops and displays. Featuring two shelves for a three-tier showcase, you’re sure to impress your customers with an assortment of desserts and sweet treats.

    Designed to sit directly on the floor, this model comes with an eye-catching white LED lighting system, a digital temperature control system with automatic defrost, and maintains a consistent temperature range of 39.2-degrees F – 50-degrees F. The tempered glass is durable, the rear-facing sliding glass doors provide easy access for shop owners and managers, and the sleek design is aesthetically pleasing. The model also sits on top of wheels for easy installation.

    Dimensions: 35.6″ long x 26.8″ wide x 46.51″ high
    Voltage: 220V

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What To Look For In Cake Display Fridges

If you’re on the hunt for quality cake display fridges that combine fashion with function, we’ve got you covered. Our list of the best models features a variety of refrigeration systems that don’t just keep your desserts at the perfect temperature, but provide you with the lighting and shelving options necessary to display them beautifully.

From freestanding models to countertop options to totally cool towers, there’s a little bit of everything represented here. Trying to decide which style is best for you and your shop? Here are some things to consider:


For commercial refrigeration, you want a system that keeps your food within the correct temperature range at all times, which is between 36-degrees F and 45-degrees F. Anything lower than that will freeze, and anything higher than that can spoil. The FDA actually recommends that all refrigeration systems, even the ones in your home, stay within this range, too.


It’s important to think about what you’re selling in your shop, as well as how large your shop is, to determine how much storage space you need. Looking to display a few grab n’ go pastries and danishes? A smaller countertop merchandiser is your best route. Want to showcase your best whole cakes and pies? A larger model is best for you. That said, the size of your bakery or shop will often dictate what sort of display cases you can physically have, as smaller shops might not have the space for full-size and freestanding models.


It might not seem like a big thing, but the placement of the refrigerator’s door is important. Most of the options on our list feature rear-facing sliding doors, which are great for those who want to give customers the chance to look at your baked goods without touching them. But, for those shop owners who want a more grab n’ go set-up, a front-facing door is ideal as it’s easier for the customer to select the items they want and check out.

Forced Air vs. Gravity Coil Refrigeration Systems

While all display fridges look similar, there are some subtle differences to be aware of. One of the biggest is the type of system the fridge operates on. In the world of commercial refrigeration, there are two types of cooling methods: forced air and gravity coil.

Forced air fridges rely on fans to circulate cold air throughout the cabinet. As such, they are best suited for baked goods, pastries, and cakes. Something to keep in mind, however, is that this type of system often dries out the items in the case quicker. Covering your desserts overnight is a great solution for this issue.

Gravity coil fridges feature a refrigeration coil at the top of the cabinet that “drops” cold air onto the contents in the case. These types of display fridges are best for deli products, raw meats, and seafood.

While all of the models on our list are designed specifically for bakeries and baked goods, we’ve made sure to note if the refrigeration system differs from forced air.

Show-Stopping Business Boosters

It’s no secret that people eat with their eyes first. Between perusing menus, food blogs, and Instagram feeds, we often say “that looks good” before ordering something or making it at home. It’s for that reason that cake display fridges can be a bakery’s best visual merchandising tool.

With the ability to create aesthetically pleasing and totally appetizing displays, cake display fridges are a great way to not just showcase your baked goods, but also serve as another means to push last-minute sales as customers are checking out.

Many of the cake chillers on our list have space for a variety of products, with some that can even accommodate beverages. As you’re setting up your display, make sure to think about what customers might find appealing and any small items that are easy sellers.

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