7 Best Smart AC Controllers For Ductless Fans (2021)

Between its wall-mounted control panel and rich control suite, the Cielo Breez Plus really helps your ductless AC units feel like a fully integrated part of your home. If you are going for full smart home integration, you can control it via the mobile app and integrate it with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or SmartThings. Alternatively, you can pair your air conditioner locally with the control unit and use the enhanced features without the need for a WiFi connection.

In either case, you will add loads of automation options to your AC unit. You can set a basic 7-day schedule or manually adjust power, fan speed, swing position, and operating mode. The coolest feature, though, is its so-called Comfort Mode, which uses its built-in temperature and humidity sensors to keep your space in your preferred temperature or humidity range based on user heuristics.

Additionally, you can enable the geofencing feature to set your AC to automatically power on or off depending on if it detects your phone on your WiFi network. This does require you to actually be using the phone app, though. The only major shortcoming of this system is that its IR blaster only has a max range of 13 feet, so it does have to be positioned fairly close to the AC unit itself. Thankfully, you can use the included desk stand instead of the wall-mounted option if this is more convenient. And considering that this is an issue you’ll find with most of the smart AC controllers we reviewed, we have no issue calling the Cielo Breeze Plus one of the best.