9 Ways The Werewolves Are Different From Conventional Werewolves – What We Know!

Vampires weren’t the one supernatural beings that dominated Twilight — the werewolves or shapeshifters gave them powerful competitors. These wolfy characters shaped a big a part of the love triangle between Edward, Bella, and Jacob, and so they have been additionally lethal foes to the chilly ones after they needed to be.

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Similar to the Twilight vampires have been completely different from the standard monsters, the werewolves additionally had some distinct traits not like different werewolves in popular culture. Proper from their origin story to how they part into their canine varieties, Jacob and his pack have been distinctive supernatural beings.


Solely Males Phased (With An Exception)

Twilight New Moon tease Jacob werewolf hint

The Quileute wolves have been all the time speculated to be males — the shapeshifting gene was speculated to one way or the other solely get handed right down to boys within the household, however Leah Clearwater was the exception to this in any other case blanket rule.

Whether or not it was due to the arrival of a deluge of vampires that the Cullen household had invited, or one thing else in her biology, she was the first-ever feminine werewolf within the pack. Typical wolves don’t have any gender separation, and each women and men can flip.

They Don’t Want A Full Moon

Werewolf in Twilight: New Moon

Sometimes, werewolves have been related to the complete moon, which is thought to manage their phasing into the wolf kind, however the Twilight wolves had completely no connection to the celestial.

Anger was the primary motivator for altering kind, and the degrees of issue trusted how intently the wolves have been associated to the Quileute founding fathers. Jacob may part very simply as a result of he descended from two founding members, whereas the others needed to get used to it and follow.

The Quileute Lore Of Shapeshifters

Jacob Twilight Quileute tribe werewolvers shapeshifters

Technically, the Twilight werewolves weren’t werewolves in any respect, however shapeshifters. In accordance with legend, the Quileute clan had the power to depart their our bodies behind and journey as spirits throughout the land, speaking to animals and nature. Sooner or later, a rogue warrior hijacked the chief, Taha-Aki’s, physique whereas he traveled, which left his spirit unmoored.

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He then discovered a wonderful wolf and took permission to share its physique. When it got here to a closing warfare, Taha Aki’s spirit wolf reworked again right into a human, and since then all of his descendants gained the ability to shapeshift if the surroundings was proper.

They Can’t “Create” Different Werewolves

Twilight fan theory Bella is part werewolf

Some could think about the Twilight wolves the perfect or worst film werewolves, however no matter the place followers land on that spectrum, the wolves have been definitely distinctive. They weren’t technically werewolves or “Youngsters of the Moon”, as Edward known as them, however shapeshifters who attained the wolf kind due to the spirit warriors.

Due to this fact, the explanation for his or her change was solely genetic, and so they couldn’t chunk and create extra werewolves like popular culture wolves have been identified to do.

The Vampire Scent Triggers The First Change

Jasper Hale teaching everyone how to fight in Twilight.

Twilight is full of popular culture references, and the famed vampire versus werewolf rivalry made it to the books and films. There was a key distinction, nevertheless, that the 2 supernatural beings had distinctive smells, which labored for or in opposition to each.

The scent of vampires was sickly candy and burning to wolves, and it performed a big function in dormant werewolves phasing for the primary time. The scent made the gene energetic, and paired with anger, the Quileutes would shift and develop into new wolves. In addition they had a dog-like odor which vampires hated.


Stephenie Meyer’s werewolves had a very new high quality that no different basic mythological wolf was ever identified to have. They’d “imprint” on their soulmates, which was like a love connection, however one which was all-engrossing and unbreakable.

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This meant that, like Sam Uley, if somebody was already in a relationship with one other and then imprinted on another person, they’d don’t have any choice however to interrupt ties and be with their imprintee. The bond erased all different folks from the wolf’s thoughts, and their life was devoted to their imprintee.

They Have Pack Telepathy And Powers

Each wolf in a single single pack may learn one another’s minds, and talk telepathically as soon as they have been in wolf kind. Typical werewolves have each been lone wolves in addition to pack animals, however none have had these particular powers connecting the pack.

This helped the wolves talk with one another in warfare or disaster, and psychological shields might be handed via the pack alpha to the remainder of the pack, the way in which Bella did in Breaking Daybreak. This connection is also detrimental and interfering as a wolf couldn’t defend a single thought from their pack brothers.

They Retain Their Human Consciousness When They Section

Jacob standing watch as a wolf in Twilight.

Sometimes, werewolves are all the time in an altered mind-set after they flip, however the Twilight wolves saved their human senses and consciousness intact in animal kind, too. They didn’t lose management fairly often, they might suppose clearly, and so they have been sentient sufficient to speak and strategize with one another.

Their personalities dictated who they’d be as wolves, and never the opposite method spherical. A few of their human qualities would additionally get exacerbated after they became wolves.

Silver Has Nothing On Them

Bells looks at a large wolf in Twilight.

For hundreds of years, silver bullets have been identified to be the undoing of werewolves, however this doesn’t apply to Jacob, Sam, Paul, and the opposite Quileute wolves. They have been fast healers, and solely very deadly assaults may harm them.

Their huge measurement, sharp enamel, and unusually robust bones made them impervious to most assaults, and a tiny silver bullet was the very last thing that might harm or kill the wolves.

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