90 Day Fiance Star Yara Zaya Slams Jovi Dufren’s Mother


“90 Day Fiance” star Yara Zaya lashed out at Jovi Dufren’s mother, Gwen.

90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya lashed out at Jovi Dufren’s mother, Gwen, accusing the New Orleans native of being “pushy.”

The couple welcomed their daughter Mylah in September 2020, which was shown toward the end of their 90 Day Fiance season. Cameras are following the Dufrens once more for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and Yara is bringing the same spirit to the new season.

When it comes to raising Mylah, Yara isn’t interesting in her mother-in-law’s opinion. “I want her help, but I don’t want her to tell me what to do,” Yara told Jovi in a sneak peek of Sunday’s episode, obtained by Us Weekly.

She and Gwen are on good terms, but Yara feels like Gwen doesn’t trust her as a new mother. “She’s always too pushy in telling me what to do,” Yara said in a confessional.

Yara suspected that cultural differences could be the reason she and Gwen have different views when it comes to raising a baby.

“I think she has, maybe, some thinking about different cultures or different mentalities. She [has] never been away outside of the U.S., she [has] never been to Europe,” a Ukrainian native said. “Maybe it scares her, [the] different ways to raise [a] baby. I appreciate Gwen’s opinions, but I will do whatever I want as a parent.”

Yara and Gwen previously clashed over cultural differences. Gwen claimed that most Ukrainian women want to come to the U.S. for a better life. A shocked Yara told Gwen that Europeans think all Americans are stupid.

Jovi Wants Yara to be Able to Rely on His Mother

Jovi works in underwater robotics and the position takes him around the world for weeks at a time. His next stint will bring him to Guyana for two months and Jovi is worried about how Yara will be able to take care of Mylah alone. He thinks she would feel better if she knew she could rely on Gwen, who is happy to help out.

“I know when I leave for work, it’s gonna be a rude awakening for her,” Jovi told TLC cameras in the sneak peek. “She’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, s***, I really need help. I just didn’t realize.’”

Yara Has Only Shown 1 Photo of Mylah’s Face

Yara originally did not want to share Mylah’s face with her millions of Instagram followers, but she changed her mind in April ahead of her second season on 90 Day Fiance.

“Hi guys, meet Mylah ❤️❤️. even though I did not want to post her picture, I understand many people will see her Sunday,” she wrote on April 22. “I wanted to be the first to show her to the world,and i hope this was the right decision.”

Yara has continued to share pictures of her daughter, though she normally chooses pictures that only reveal the back of Mylah’s head.

“I never imagined I could hold the whole world in my hands, my baby is my world, my meaning of life,” she captioned one photo of Mylah. She originally wrote the post in Russian, and simply wrote “My life” for the English translation.

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