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After winning the duel against Hamilton, Burr returned to New York City, expecting a hero’s welcome. Instead, he was met with public outcry for killing Hamilton. Since he faced potential murder charges, he fled to the South. An influential friend helped him get the charges dropped, after which Burr returned to Washington to finish his term as the Vice President.

In 1807, he faced charges of treason for conspiring to plan the secession of several western states. Burr had to flee to Europe and returned to New York only after his acquittal. His personal and professional lives remained in tatters. Ultimately, he suffered a terrible stroke in 1834, which rendered him immobile. Finally, Burr passed away in 1836 on Staten Island in the village of Port Richmond.

The sad part is Burr might have survived the duel, but his legacy and career did not. Ever since Hamilton’s death, Burr has lived in his foe’s shadow. While Hamilton’s legacy has been positively restored, and his reputation has been helped by the vast amount of writings left behind, Burr did not even have the chance to vindicate himself through his writings. He only left behind two small volumes, and many of his writings, which could have saved his reputation, got lost in a shipwreck in 1813. Thus, ‘Hamilton’ does not go into the details of Burr’s demise because, in reality, the opponent who vanquished Hamilton lived in infamy for the remainder of his days, until his death.

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